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Personal Bio OMG I LUV U LIKE A FAT PERSON LOVES CAKE NARI, I MISSED U LIKE FREAKING CRAZY! I LUV U!!!!!!! (DEARLY NOT QUEERLY) ;D i m the type of girl who just likes 2 b her silly, funloving, joke crackin, prank pulling, self :D but i can b serious sometimes, but i prefer 2 b silly ;D lol, i have a lot of friends that totaly rock n i luv them, i weigh 117 pounds, i m shorter than 5 feet rite now, i m in luv with music, i write songs, sing n dance, i also like 2 play sports. i m in 8th grade this year, i m 13, i will b 14 september 23. i smile n laugh a lot, i have dark brown eyes, dark blonde hair, a pretty good tan considering i live in michigan, my favorite color is green, i have an amazing 6 year old little half brother named josh that i luv 2 death! i have a few pics of him on my myspace..if u wanna kno anything else or have any questions just PM me, k. ttyl, jessie i luv meeting new ppl and making friends... in fact here is my friend list! no its not in order! metrostation (good friend) wiccan_nari (best sis ever that i cant live without) zakaki (really really close friend that i cant live without) lifeless (amazing person that i still luv with all my heart n would give my life 4 in a blink of an eye just so he could live) trav131 (awesome big bro) coolwilliam (really close friend) mythrouge (really good friend) barbarious (cool person) ferari43 (funny person) joshk15 (cool guy) mizu (ok guy) aragon (pretty good friend) killmesilly (really cool friend)