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Nice ta meet ya~ Hey I'm Marie, even though technically that's my middle name. I'm 14 and live in south Wales with my Mum and little brother and have been Wiccan/Pagan for two years now with my best friend. I won't say I'm experienced because basically I'm not. Always looking to learn! . I'm a really shy person so I don't make an awful lot of friends but honestly when you get to know me I'm slightly insane. That happens when you live where I do. It's good and bad though, it's overflowing with magical energy here but it's super Christian. You can see why I'm not open with my beliefs, buts still I'm very passionate. . I'm more to the nature, creatures and energy side of things. My element is earth I think, if you wanted to now (which you probably didn't) I have to admit I'm not always, as most people would put it "white" in my magic, but I've never once hurt even a bug so I can't say I'm "black" either. But I'm not grey because... well because I prefer to say that I'm purple! why not?! . I do research a lot about myths and Fae and spirits.There's a lot you can do about that where I live, like I know a psychic so we go ghost hunting a lot. Then I told you about the Fae in the castle, but probably the best but scariest thing is the beast. . I'm gonna start a new paragraph now just because I can. . Basically no one knows how long it's been here, but the last time it was seen face to face was about 20 years ago by the primary school. There was a boy riding his bike home when it came out and tried to grab him. He got away and made it back home with a ripped open leg, completely traumatised. When they found his bike it was in a bush with teeth marks. The local paper had a field day! We all know it's somewhere because if you go in the woods you find weird tracks, giant nest things, or if you're just in the right place at the right time you get a tiny glimpse of it. Apparantly it was like a white werewolf with no eyelids, but no one's ever got a picture. IF YOU KNOW WHAT THE HELL THAT IS PLEEEEASE TELL ME!!! (I honestly can't find anything.) . Okay so my bio turned out a bit odd but hey, that's life. Well, not really. :) but to end this: . What do I love to do? SING, DRAW, GHOST HUNT AND ONLINE GAMES! ;D My fave band? DO VOCALOIDS COUNT? Am I really such a weirdo in real life? MOST OF THE TIIIIMMMEE! . . x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x----------------------------------------------------------------x x---HATSUNE MIKU MY BE A HOLOGRAM BUT SHE IS--x x---MORE TALENTED THAN ANYTHING IN THE UK OR--x x--------US CHARTS. NOW OR E.V.E.R!!!-----------------x x----------------------------------------------------------------x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x -END-