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Name: OlympicWitch
Location: Home,reciting spells
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Cute by day,Spells by night.Keeping up on the latest spells and potions and when not reciting a chant or brewing a potion,watching the Olympics.,
20% creative
10% mindful
30% reading spells
10% reciting spells
20% brewing potions
= 100% Witchy!
100% watching the Olympics
For me,these are professional things I think are good for an advanced or special potion:
* A mortar(found in the shop)(Use bowl for substitute)
* Fine,long before expiration herbs
* A cauldron of any color,big too (a silver or black pot for cooking will work)
* A long spoon to mix your potion
These are professional things for a spell recommended by me:
* Moon Phase
* A wand(or a stick,but not needed)
* Paper to write your spell
Those are what you might need,and some can be found in the shop.You can find the moon phase on the site by clicking show next to moon phases