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Name: shaibaby
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its me shai. i had to make another becuase i was revoked from everything :( and i have no clue why i was. but here was my bio.. oh and on my other page i cant send/recieve msgs or even write in my covens forum or any forum. :( but here is my old bio for ppl who dont know me. Hello, My name is Shai. Spiritual name Moonlight Wolf. I am Christian Wiccan. I have been practicing for months now and learning new and interesting things everyday. I follow Christian Wiccan because well i was raised in a christian house-hold, but for some reason i did not feel complete at all. I have always felt great in Moonlight and Nature. I can actually feel it coursing threw me and i feel so alive in the moonlight. So i can across Wiccan, and I am LOVING EVERY BIT OF IT! I worship God(christian), the goddess(virgin mary), jesus, and the holy spirit. I will say, I will not stop at those to religious i want to learn about others. I honestly think most religions are based upon LOVE! AND WE ARE ALL CONNECTED IN THAT WAY. ITS LOVE THAT KEEPS US UP AND GOING. "Love is sweet, Love is kind, Love without harm is all about mine" Blessed Be, Moonlight Wolf. P.S I have some questions so i might be mailing anyone, well onlyy people i believe that are trust worthy and competed. and Become my FRIEND. I am a very nice person and will be there for anyone if they need me :) im here always, Shai