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Name: Sybell
Birthday: Dec 31 1993
Location: Michigan
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I look at myself as not a very spiritual person, but I am heavy with the light and am filled with Chi. And probobly the most mellow person you will ever run across. And before you read on, you can call me a modern day hippie if you would like. My sign is Capricorn. My spiritual animal is the Koi fish, although when I do take tests online they say im either a couger or some kind of bird. I'm willing to tell you my real name is Denver, lets leave it at that, ive figures out that in my past life I was a gypsy. Proof of this is the fact that I have never stayd in the same place more than a year, I was born in LasVegas, went to California then off to Pennsylvania, now i'm in Michigan. Another feet that not many people can say they have done is succesfully been to all 50 states in america pluss out of country to the Phillippins mexico and canada. I have been told by many palm readers and fortune tellers, and not to forget gypsys that I used to be one myself, I can tell from my strong connection with their ways, I value my stones and relics. I also have some Empath abilities, it helps. I do alot of spiritual enchantments involving either pentagrams (I have my satanic uncle to thank for that) dream catchers and native american rituals, It helps that I am part Patawatmi, but it doesnt help that I am more russian. Along these lines is blessings, but as i said up above im not a religious person. There have been some evil spirits that i have noticed follow me around, for one Czar Nicholas :/ who happens to be my great great grandfather >_> In my spare time when im not meditating and working with my chi, im a dj...let the music flow.And as weird as this sounds, some good meditation music to listen to is dubstep or trans music. It helps you vibe and your spiritual being flows to the music Chakra Test: Root: open (19%) Sacral: open (38%) Navel: under-active (12%) Heart: open (56%) Throat: open (44%) Third Eye: open (50%) Crown: open (38%) Pluss not to mention im married to the most amazing girl, I love you Katiee! Im in love, she is the greatest girl ever :3