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Name: silverpixie
Birthday: Nov 21 1974
Location: templeton,pa.
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im engaged. I have two sons, and one daughter, and two step children, and a step grandson. i like doing outdoor activities like hiking, gardening,playing outside with my children. i am a christian/wiccan/druidess. i try to be nice to a beginner at magic and spells. I would like to know more how to do magic spells, and of couse, harm none ones! I believe in the wiccan saying, do what yoiu will, but harm none, because whatevr you do comes back three fold, and its better to come back positive than negative!I believe I may have a gift to do some fortune telling, like with tarotcards, or rune stones. I know some of my dreams have happened, good and bad. i am a christian, Jesus Christ is my lord and savior. How ever I do believe in a Goddess, like Mary. I believe in a mother,maiden, crone, and a father, son, and holy spirit. I have visited a phychic a few times, and they always say I have a healing, calming auror around me,that I could be a healer. I would like to know more on healing, and how to enhance that. And that's about it. I would like to eventually, have my own book of shadows, like a family heirloom, like the practical magic movie, the owen sisters one, either made for me, or myself to make. And wold like to do more in the community, like clean garbage,and be more in n ature. with my two year old son, who may have autism, makes that hard for now, but eventually, it will happen! like they say, all good things come to those who wait! I do believe in a God that can change from any form, and a Goddess, that can do the same. I also believe that their are spirits, and fairies as well, that are here in service to God, or Goddess, to help us be more as one with nature. Maybe they are angels, and maybe some are here to help us, while some could be darker like demons, to lead us astray. But, nothing can harm you as long as you believe in something to protect you, like Jesus. I defently, don't wanna do any dark magic, only good, and white kind, to help my family, and myselg. I think God, or Goddess, wants us to have faith, but helps things come true with granting our spells to work, like miracles. God blees, and blessed be, Amen! and im more of a kitchen witch, wiccan. I believe in what the druids done before, that all space is sacred, and all space should be put with more positive energy, and i believe if you seriously believe in yourself, you can accomplish anything, and that goes with trying to make the whole world, universe a positive, sacred, light place, so i nevr cast a circle to do a spell, im not afraid of anything evil entering, or harming me or my family, because i believe all evil is banished with good, and light from jesus christ, God, and Goddess.