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Name: Akatosch
Location: The abyss.
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Hello, My name is Akatosch. *not my real name, My magickal name is Ashwolf* Abouth me: I can answer all your questions, I'm a person that helps -Everyone- in need for help, No matter where you come from or what you are, I'm here to help you. Feel free to mail me. I respect any kind of religion or path you walk. I am goth. I study every kind of magick, Mostly dark magick. I am a PscVampire. * No that doesnt mean I am a '' Vampire '', They do not exist, A PsycVampire is someone that feeds of energy of human beings, We do not attack them or however, That's just hollywood nonsence.* I am GAY. I am Single. I used to have a demon on my side, But I barely hear from him now, He's protective when I am in danger, Yes I know that demons cannot be trusted, It's my own risk. * Please do not mail me nonsence like : Hi or hello, Mail me with a reason. * I can also help those who are in need for a person who wants to share their knowledge to others, Feel free to mail me about it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm not evil, or good. You'll find me in between. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- I will not fear the monsters under my bed. The thing is, The true monsters live in the human heart itself. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The mind cannot long act the role of the heart. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Monsters are real and so are ghosts. They all live inside of the human body. But sometimes, they win. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Everyone is looking for magic, But mostly, The people who search for it in attempt for power and control fall because of their own egoism. The ones who are looking for magick for their own use and health gain it by themselfes by patience, love and self-control. * Made this one by myself : )* ----------------------------------------------------------------------