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Name: HeliaLux
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"Never sacrifice who you are just because someone has a problem with it" Helia.

I decided to rewrite my bio, so here it goes.
Ever since I started magic I've been blinded by all these beautiful spells you could cast. Don't fall in the same trap. Magic is not spells. Why you should make someone fall in love with you when you can feel the real love? Why you cast spells for good luck when you can look at yourself at the mirror, smile and wish for a happy day? Why predict the future? Life must be a surprise! Even for bad things...

Exploring the art of magic for 7 years. I've got somewhat of a varied path.

I am a healer and a medium. I have the abillties of a psychic and an empath but also some evidence of telepathy. I am basically a Wicca. I do tarot, rune and scry readings. I have studied palmistry and I write my own spells and using herbs, crystals, candles and elements to cast them. I use all types of magick and I respect them all.

I am willing and being here to help everyone who needs me and wants to learn. I am always friendly and warm since you are kind with me. I don't use magick for personal gain duo I don't give useless tarot and rune readings. I won't cast any spell for you because a spell to be casted more succesfuly, needs the caster's personal energy and will.

I joined the site with the purpose of learning as much as I can about magick. Knowledge is a dead weapon if it's not used so I want to share my experiences and my knowledge with those who need it.

I don't have patience to smuttily messages so becareful for what are you gonna message me. Questions and needs like " How can I become a vampire " and sex change will be ignored. Be matures.

Behind my face I have another one hidden
The human, that human hides
And you will get lost somewhere inside me
If you see me as a game

I don't like publishing personal information, so you have to be a trustworthy person if you want to know more about myself.