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Name: XxZombieXx
Birthday: Dec 18 1996
Location: Dreamland(:
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Thu, 24 Mar 2016
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Age: 18
Magic experience:
-I actually got into Wicca like 2 months before the Summer of 2012, I just never signed up until Summer started to make sure I researched enough. So I was on here for awhile until like August I'd say, and now as of December/February 2012 I'm starting to get more active.
-I know we can technically use all of the elements, but I'd probably go for Fire and Air.
-In Astral Projection, I've only gotten to the Vibration stage and nothing past that.
-Before I fell out of not coming on here anymore I did meditate alot and fell at ease, I want to be like that again.
- I'd say I'm a Dianic-Eclectic Wiccan witch, supposedly.
**New as of 2014
-I'm an iffy Christian now, but I have decided to come back here maybe for a little bit. So sorry for any confusion.......
***As of Halloween 2014
-I actually am on a lost path at the moment...