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Hello everyone.Well thisis gonna be a long bio.Since i wanna share a lot 'cuz all kinds of people are mailing me and i just wanna make sure u got the right person helping you.Anyways,my name is Teodora,close friends call me Tessa or Thea.I'm from Europe.I live in a small town full of close minded people.I can relate to people who are tolerant,and opened to learn something new.Moving on,..i come from a witch line which i don't know much about,i just confirmed my mother's fear that i got the gift they had.So my witch story begins few years ago,i was very sick,i didn't know what was wrong with me,i couldn't eat,i wanted but i could't,my jaw would hurt and my head.After seeing few doctors and taking all kinds of meds,i gave up,but my parents didn't.They took me to this old lady that said some words gave me a glass of water with herbs in it and just like that i was Healthy again.The thing i picked up someone elses hex.She removed it.Then i started to believe.Two years ago,i did a lot of researches and i was xtian back then,i figured something was wrong with all that,then i figured those are just fairy tales,the original "devil" was invented by people who wanted to control others using their fear.I felt betrayed by my family,i felt every lie that has ever been told to me pressing my soul.Finally after some time reading true spiritual books and hearing other witches talk i got rid of the guilt i felt at the first.I started practicing magic,even as i child i had few paranormal events so i knew something does exist,i was visited by ghosts,mostly they would just feed on my fear and my parents felt them later too,my mom used to pray in my room but they wouldn't go away...just one more proof Xtianity is a giant lie we were taught to live with.So reading set me free.I am very thankful to few people who helped me find my way.You have to understand that you see light clearly only in darkness,and that light itself would burn your eyes.You don't have to LOVE dark,but at least respect it,as it allows you to see what light takes away and hides in shadows.For people like me,who truly see beauty in darkness,it is a gift.A soul that has eyes clearer than any star.So then i met few people who had different views in life.They were Theistic Stanist...and that is what i am now.JUST TO BE CLEAR*:Satan is not "devil",it is not someone who you sell your soul to to get money or that shit.Satan Lucifer is spiritual being ,an old race of nordic ones who helped and showed to people long time before bible and any of those new lies.Demons or Daemons are Gods and every one of them has a sigil and are here to help people.Of course there are also the Ancient ones,that created space itself.Spiritual or Theistic satanism is not about hurting and killing people and animals!Now that's a very long story and this is a very long bio itself.So anyways,if you ask yourself how demonic possesions exist then,that's why you have to open your mind just a bit more in this moment and realize that there are MANY entities,and some spiritual creatures ,let's just call them that,gave themselves reason to exist,so by that they are bored and have nothing smarter to do than fuck around with weak minded humans.I am a bit morbid person,but that's just the way i am.I am thankful that i have a guaridan and that she's always here when i'm in danger.Currently i have a ghost in my attic,and my room is just below,so she likes to moves furniture and sing (i'm not the only one to hear this).But i see no reason to piss her off 'cuz she does nothing but having fun around my home,since she didn't hurt anyone,and i do not fear her,i guess i'll let her stay.i also did a lot of research about lycantrophy and vampirism.Kinda an obsession of mine.Moon phases rlly affect my mood.I am connected with water and earth,since my sun sign is Taurus(earth) and my moon sign is pisces(water).My energy is grey,almost black.I am capable of seeing other people's energy around me.I also make love,luck,money amulets from herbs .Every single one of them works.But i just do that for my friends and family.Beside white,i also do black magic,and red.And yes,yes,magic has no color until you give her a meaning.But the meaning is just it.I guess my fav season is winter,i just adore cold weather and the moon when it's snowing.i love movies and i love to read,my fav movie is L.O.T.R and my fav books is Interview with the Vampire.Uhmm,i lvoe animals and plants,i have a dog her name is Aysha and she's so cute.I also love cats but my mom wouldn't allow me to keep one inside.I also love to write and travel.I write poems,short stories and songs.Music keeps me going i guess,..i mostly listen to metal ,rock and i am huge fan of new dark classical music.I am a fan of the vampire diaries,it's a cool show.Oh,i have to mention that i can't teach anyone now,i'm taking my time to improve myself.I taught a lot of people,but there's nothing wrong about starting your path without someone to direct you all the time,'cuz even if it's the path with the same name it's always different perspective.In my free time i hang out with friends,watch movies,read,chat,write...So,i think that's more than enough,thank you for taking all this time to read my bio,and sure if you want to,message me with magic or social related subjects.Just don't be perverted or shit like that 'cuz i'll just block you.Looking forward to meet you :) -Darkest Blessings-