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Hello People of the Forest. My name is Ryan, and I am sixteen. I'm very against fluffs and I want to stress how critical I am of Magick. I do believe in Magick, but I very well know how much people exaggerate it or claim to do impossible things. I don't believe in separating Magick into all these different categories I see here; for example, I don't see the point in saying Black Magick or White Magick. Those are simple terms invented by humans that really don't make any sense anymore. Black Magick used to mean bad magick, and white meant good magick. No I always here people saying "Black is just a color, Black magick isn't always bad!". The separation between the two seems to grow and grow. I've been studying Magick a little over two years but I don't know much about banishment or summoning. Also, I worship the God and Goddess (As equals, I do not believe the Goddess is more significant or powerful than the God) and I follow the Wiccan Rede. Unfortunately, due to slight disagreements I have with the Wiccan faith, I will not claim to be a Wiccan even though I share many beliefs with them. I have VERY low tolerance for the stupid. And I'm gay :D Also DO NOT contact me if IN SLIGHTEST WAY believe in Vampires or Werewolves. They DO NOT exist in physical nor spiritual form, THEY DO NOT EXIST AND NEVER HAVE. I love Vampires books (Except for Twilight and Vampire Academy, those sucked) especially Anne Rice's The Vampire Chronicles, BUT VAMPIRES ARE NOT REAL! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR FLUFFY ROLEPLAYING MINDS! THIS SHOULD BE A SERIOUS SITE TO DISCUSS THE ARTS OF THE CRAFT, DO NOT POLLUTE WITH TOXIC FLUFF! Overall, I'm very much a rude person if I wish to be. If I like you though, and I hope I do :), I'll try to be as nice as I can XD If you want to ask me anything, please do. :D Misc: I like writing poetry. My favorite band is Queen (Freddy Mercury should be declared patron of music XD, Gods bless his soul). My favorite songs are Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and Lost in Paradise by Evanescence. ----------- "Do you remember me?", I said. "No, I'm afraid I don't", I replied. "Don't you remember me?, I asked again. "No, I'm afraid I don't", I repeated. "How can you say that? how can you not remember me?", I asked with tears erupting. "I've never seen you before in my life", I said angrily. "No! No you have to! How can you not remember?", I screamed. "Because we've never met!", I yelled. "How can you not remember....don't you see my face? Hear my voice? Look at me! and recognize me! Listen to me and recall the way I way cry. I know I'm there somewhere......just remember me...", I begged through tears. "I'm afraid I don't remember...." ----------- She was running through the dark forest of thick, tall, guant-looking trees. She could not see what was in front of her. She could feel the vines and thorns whipe and cut across her skin. None of that mattered, she had to run. She had to escape, it was chasing her. Then all of the sudden, her barefeet slipped in the mud and she fell face first. She stood on her knees and look up and screamed at the pitch black sky. There were no stars, all she saw was the large pure-white Moon. There were no craters in this Moon, not even the usual silver tinge of color. Just a pale gaping hole of light in the black sheet of the sky. Why was she running? What was chasing her? Where was she? She could not remember....She looked around at the foliage-covered muddy ground and fear hit her as if for the first time. She heard a twig crack and a growl. Something was there, behind the trees and masked in the darkness and it was going to get her. She jumped back up and starting running again, right through the vines and thorns. She kept running and running, it was going to get her. She looked up the dark sky and gasped, as if seeing it for the first time. Still running, she gaped at the cruel, faceless hole of light in the sky. Distracted, she slipped in the mud. Why was she running? What was chasing her? Where was she? On filthy forest floor, she stared back up at the horrible sky and gasped, as if she saw the horrible Moon for the first time.... ----------- I don't know why I cry for you I've only ever seen your face Your so far away from me I don't know why I cry for you I see you as the man in the moon I see you When I close my eyes I see you When I pray at night I've only ever seen your face Its so far away So I don't know why I cry for you Yet I feel like I've always known you I can't help but to feel The same pain and and fear I see in you When I look into your eyes I see the pain and the lies Yet there all somehow the truth I see you as the man in the moon You are so far away I don't know why I continue to let myself feel your pain I don'y know why I cry for you I see your strife, your pain, and your hate and your tears and your love I just can't keep it up to keep looking at your heart When I've only ever seen your face As the man in the moon I can't keep denying I know why I cry for you I love you I know your heart and face, just not your name I love you It's why I cry for you You are my Man in the moon.