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Name: Clarita
Location: New York
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 05 Aug 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I'm pretty much average if I say so myself... Blond hair, blue eyes, Hitlers favorite :3 (JOKE!)I have rabbits, cats, a dog. One of which I think is my familiar (Kitty!). I actually care about people, so an issue? Drop me a message. I'm an EMPATH, don't know what it is? Look it up. I'm about 5'4... Not that sure, haven't measured myself in a while... I was first interested in Wicca when I saw Scooby-Doo, you know that episode with the band of sisters? (The Hex Sisters- Thanks Oscar!) Well I told my mom I wanted to do that, she said well talk about it in a few years. Well in a few years, my crazy eccentric totally wiccan friend told me what she was... I was Christian at the time so I basically ignored it, until I started wanting to understand what it was, by then I lost faith in God. It's not like I jumped to Wicca because I had no other religion, I could've easily gotten my faith back in God, it's just that, even though I grew up with it, it didn't feel like I was welcome there. With Wicca, I'm connected to the earth in ways I didn't understand before, and that's how I came to be Wiccan, the wonderful earth based religion, that changed my way of thinking really. Something that bothers me is the immature way that people look at magic, its not all yours to harness, its yours to take and give back in a way that others can't or won't. So stop your silly little roleplay, about going to kill someone else to get their magic and if someone kills you then they die too. Its ridiculous, what are you? 8? I'm 14, crazy, fun, and stupid. But I'm more mature than that. So a little advice, when handling magic: Be serious, and know what yuor doing. It can come to bite you in the ass. Besides that, I'm not really popular, I have a group of friends I love and hate, and they love and hate me too, I do well in school, I'm in honors English, I'm planning to go to Vassar and major in something totally awesome but besides that, I can play the piano kinda, by September I'll hopefully be learning the guitar and more about the piano. I love music, all in general, but I love Alternative the most, its just the beat and the drums and the guitar (Hot guys) all blending together to form something amazing,,, Anyway, I'm a writer, I love the feeling of a pen in my hand and people enjoying my stories... that's all about me for now I guess :3 Want to know more? well message me and then we wont have a problem!!! Root: under-active (-62%) Sacral: under-active (-31%) Navel: under-active (-6%) Heart: open (25%) Throat: open (44%) Third Eye: open (44%) Crown: open (19%) I'm A Taurus, Happily ^.^, Yes I Satisfy ALL The Stereotypes :3 Anyone Have An Aim? Mail Me Your Thing and Ill Add You! I Found A Dead Black Headless Kitten On My Porch, Something That Was Wild Would've Taken The Entire Thing... Anyone Wanna Help Me Figure Out What The Heck Happened?