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Name: Faerie_8
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I'm Montez, but u can can call me Jeanne Dee. I'm from Detroit, MI. I'm an empathic individual (literally)... Lol. I read Tarot, I've had visions of the future since I was 9, but the visions progressed from simple flashes to what seems to be hours in my unconscious. But the visions I saw in hours will be months in my waking state. I also have past life visions, or spiritual battles. I also have an obsession and a desire to manipulate time. I've done it only 3 times, and it was a wonderful yet eerie experience. And I liked it.... Lol. That was when I was 18-21 years old though. However I think I sealed that certain type of magick away.... I actually want help in elemental magick, time magic, and my oracle like visions. Just on here looking for friends and spiritual guidance.