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Name: CMCox
Birthday: Oct 25 1980
Location: Brooktondale, NY
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 12 Jun 2022
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Age: 40
Status: Claimed by Fated Mate... Finally
Children: n/a
Title: Druid High Priestess
Heritage: Irish, Scottish, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Native American, German, Dutch, Welsh, Russian, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese... It would be much faster to say what I am not... Australian- Not Australian
Career: Publish Author/Freelance Model
Abilities: Post Cognitive, Pre Cognitive, Emotional Empath, Physical Empath, Healing Touch, Regeneration, Imperviousness to sickness, Lazarus Effect, High Immunity to Substances, Pyrokinesis, Psychometry, Electrokinesis, Hyperthymia, Telekinesis, Areokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Chronokinesis, Medium, Banshee Scream, Allure, Increased Electromagnetic Energy, Telepathic, Astral Projection, Clairvoyance, Psychic tracker, etc
Please Note: Abilities are not complete. Since being claimed by my fated mate on April 25,2021, my gifts have evolved, increased in power, and new ones have developed that I cannot describe and have no name for.
Bloodline: The last remaining member of a millennium long lineage of Druids. If I do not beget a daughter and carry her to full-term, my blood line dies with me.