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Name: CMCox
Birthday: Oct 25 1980
Location: Olean NY
Gender: Female
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Age: 37 Status: In a relationship Children: a 10 year old daughter Heritage: Irish, Scottish, Polish, Italian, Swedish, Native American, German, Dutch, Welsh, Russian, Egyptian, Chinese, Korean, Japanese... It would be much faster to say what I am not... Australian- Not Australian Career: Publish Author/Model Abilities: Post Cognitive, Pre Cognitive, Emotional Empath, Physical Empath, Healing Touch, Self Healing, Imperviousness to sickness, High Tolerance to Substances, Pyrokinesis, Electrokinesis, Telekinesis, Areokinesis, Hydrokinesis, Chronokinesis, Medium, ?Banshee Scream?, Allure, Increased Electromagnetic Energy, Telepathic, Astral Projection