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Name: GreyWitch
Birthday: Aug 31 1989
Location: BC
Gender: Female
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I seek the truth. I'm new to witchcraft. My work is done alone, in private.People offline don't know I'm a witch and I like it that way. I cast for what I need. I act on what I want. I don't let belief in the supernatural get in the way of reason and logic. I am a skeptic. I don't believe in gods. If I find sufficient evidence that challenges what I know or believe, I will adapt. Black and white magic, with the definitions by which I know them, imply black and white morality. There is no objective morality. Morality is based off of what the individual chooses to base it off of. In my case, at its most basic, I ask myself: "Is there consent, and will it hurt? Do the circumstances call for this?" My morality is neither black nor white. This is why I call myself GreyWitch. Oh, and I didn't write the vandalism in my photo. I just find it funny.