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You're in the mood to help a loved one through a rough patch, or cheer up a close friend who is down-in-the-dumps. If you get drawn into a fiery discussion, strive to be balanced and fair-minded.
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Crystyna's Profile

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Name: Crystyna
Location: Earth in this form. We can all be everywhere there are infinite possibilities
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 19 Feb 2012
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello Everyone! I have just turned 22 in this physical body that I am in. I joined this website because for as long as I can remember I have felt so out of place and I have been searching to figure out past lives, understand my dreams, understand myself and accept myself. I feel I am on a beautiful path, but I see this website as a great way for me to talk to others and maybe better understand alternative ways. I have alot of love inside of me and I love who I am I just feel lost sometimes, I have had trouble explaining my feelings of a higher self and have trouble putting into words the feelings I have had since I was little. I think we're all energy and sometimes i feel so sensitive around others and it's important to surround ourselves with good energies. I just want to be aware and i would rather be aware than ignorant any day. I'm a very happy person lol but I have gone through periods of deep depression because I feel noone understands me or i've felt like a freak, but i'd rather be an outcast anyday over being a "normal" I don't think any one person is normal I think we're all special just some people express and speak their minds more than others. I've gone through periods of closing up and I am working on opening up again and finding myself on this journey. I am interested in learning more about different forms of meditation, crystals, also I don't know much about all of this so I'm not going to pretend that I do. I do however, really want to learn, I'm not gulable, just have an open mind to everything. I believe everyone has their own perspective and therefore everyone is right. I believe in your mind you create your world, and there is infinite possibilities for everything. I don't know if there is a difference between good and bad magic, and I don't judge anyone on the paths they choose, but I would like to understand good magic because I feel very compelled to help people, I just don't want to feel drained anymore lol. I feel so much all the time and I don't know if i'm an empath but sometimes it's just very hard I can just feel how everyone is feeling and if they're sad i almost hurt for them and I want to learn to be stronger and continue to help people I would very much like to have better control of my old mind though because I have trouble concentrating sometimes. I just want to learn all there is to learn, and at the same time I feel as if there is no answers and i'm content with that all at the same time because I feel we all connect under it all as we branch back to the begining and the end if time is all continious we are as one. I'm a photographer and a painter. I want my art to spread a message to people, I want to help spread awareness to be happy in this life we are living. I'm a Sagittarius Sun sign, I have an aquarius moon sign and virgo for rising sign. I would like to speak to any of you who are willing to explain more to me about the unexplained or to just be friends, I really appreciate conversation!!! I really appreciate people that don't judge me. I feel so much and get such strong intuative feeligns everyday and I really appreciate others like me so much. Thank you for reading I hope to speak to you all soon I love being friends with anyone (: