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Name: billybatien
Birthday: Dec 29 1993
Location: fort atkinson, wisconsin
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I was born with clairavoyance the ability to see ghosts but it is pretty weak because all I see are outlines of their shape that was enhanced by a near death experienced when i was a baby. i also have many website profiles. i make the spells i do but i never test them on my self for fear of being discovered that is why i ask who ever wants to test my spells be my guest just email me back if they work. i also reaserch mythical beasts and monsters as well as other things including psychic abilities. there was one other wiccan spellcaster in my family but i don't know when she was born and when she died. my favorite show is deadman wonderland and i created a spell that gives branch of sin to a person but the spell that does that i created is type of spell casting i put together i also had a demon scine i was a baby but i blocked him out so long and one day i unblocked him so now i can control him his name is fire fang hes alsoknown as blade laws or flame of souls. his true name is still unknown to me but i lassifiy demons so far i hve 5 classes of demons