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Hello, and many blessings to you! I'm Amanda my witch name is Alvara. I was born a small town girl with a big family. My aunt practiced witchcraft and my dad says I get it from our ancestors. I have always been intrigued by magic sense before I can remember. My favorite animal has always been a cat I remember in kindergarten that's all I would ever like to draw. I am 21 years old. My oldest niece is allergic to cats but she loves them to death, I'm hoping she will grow out of it when she gets older. When I meet someone, I have the gift of seeing through this person and know their intentions and what this person is all about, and with a little time I know their personality all to well. I can sometimes fell their pain of what they went through which in turn I feel what they went through. People always tell me I am easy to talk to. I am Wiccan, this is my religion, yes it is a religion to me and not just a practice. I am now starting to learn a little about Voodoo. I have two Goddesses that reside in me. Aphrodite (Venus) and Demeter. I found this out by dreams, feelings and loads of research once I found out about these Goddesses I knew that they were it. I'm Saggitarius and all about love and romance and yes sometimes lust. And Demeter because of my love for taking care of the children. I love to help people in anything I can do. I'm not about drama but I will put you in your place if you disrespect me or any of my family. I love to make new friends and learn something new about magick everyday. I'm currently in Magical Beings Working Alone Coven because I've always did my spells alone without help from anyone. I believe the power within is extreamly strong if you know how to use it. How do you use it? Research, will power, and strong mind and belief. People ask me all the time why isnt my spells working? Or why hasnt my spell came true yet? It isnt about waiting around for it to happen. When a witch cast a spell she is focused on the situation and the outcome of the spells as if it has already happend, it is seen through the witch's eye and felt from within. Feel free to message me ask me questions or just say Hi. I'm a friend to anyone here on spellsofmagic website. Take care and Blessings to all of you!