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Merry Meet, I am a practicing eclectic solitary of 24 years. I work with the following Pantheons/Paths: Egyptian, Northern (Heavy on Rokkatru work), Hoodoo, Voodoo, Hermetic and Southern Conjure. I believe in balance so I do work with both light and dark entities. The Divinities I honor are but not limited to Norse: Loki, Fenris, Hel, Mordgud, Jormangundr (forgive my spelling on this. A nod to Darkrunic for the reminder :), Odin, Frigga, Freya, and most recently Hyndla. Egyptian: Isis, Thoth, Set, Maat, Anupu, Bastet. Among others. Please feel free to ask. WARNING: I do not spells for other people. Secondly, I am not some mystic guru who can help you do anything. It all begins with YOU. Learning long distance is difficult. The most I can do is "suggest" ideas , exercises etc. But on my end how do I even know that said person asking to me to teach them is even doing what is taught? Finding a teacher is a very serious thing for both student AND teacher. It is an energy exchange entered mutually after much deliberation. So PLEASE do NOT ask me. I do teach. But only face to face and I will make you wait and work your butt off, I will ask for proof, give surprise tests, I will look at you and say. "Show me the entire ____ Ritual, no corner cutting." This warning is in place in lieu of the several requests that I have recieved that I will not honor. Loki Oil Grapeseed Base 70 drops Spruce 60 drops Pine 50 drops Birch 15 drops Wintergreen 30 drops Patchouli 7 drops Cinnamon 50 drops Dragon's Blood 40 drops Amber 10 drops Musk 20 drops Sage 15 drops Oakmoss 25 drops Ginger Piece of Crystallized Ginger. (The conjuration goes in order of the herbs) Hail Loki, He who walks through the trees with ease and confidence, an adventure around the white bark with frost upon your tongue. Feet planted within the deep earth, loveheat in your groin, the fire breath pierces the cold air. Resin for tea as you command and wrought forth all that which you need. Burning away the old and unearthing the newly turned moss. Teaching the sour and sweet, the hot and cold of life. Crystallizing the balances until unleashing the chaos once more HAIL LOKI!!!" (I asked Dad what he wanted. This is what I got lol)