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Name: Maize
Birthday: 1992
Gender: Male
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Welcome to my page (to keep this short):
I joined this site on 2011/11/05 for the purpose of learning more about the arts. Back then I was quite curious and dabbled in to many different techniques that were inspired by my grandmother, however I never really discovered my true passion until very recently in 2014.
At the current moment I practice what you may call Capax Dei. Liberated from religious quotation or practice, this is purely a mindset in which all that is given reside within our beings as we choose. With this in mind, I do not wish to create an unbalance in the universe as everyone is entitled to their own beliefs/practice as long as they do not harm others.
I enjoy helping others, I believe its the best way to teach yourself. Feel free to message me if you have any questions.
The average of three different tests (for fun).
Not that I think this is 100% accurate:
Root: over-active (80%)
Sacral: open (71%)
Navel: open (75%)
Heart: over-active (81%)
Throat: open (73%)
Third Eye: open (75%)
Crown: open (69%)