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dakini9's Profile

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Name: dakini9
Location: Jersey City, NJ
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Tue, 24 Jan 2012

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Written: Jan. 1, 2012

I am a relatively new (under one year) solitary practicing eclectic witch working with a blend of astrology, crystals, tarot, symbolism, plants, and candle magick. I've been studying astrology for over ten years, psychology and symbolism basically all of my life, and been doing earth magick from the time I was a little girl (but didn't know I was doing ritual). I study and teach yoga, have been working with crystals for healing and transformation for about a year, and have been reading/studying tarot on and off for about ten years.

I mostly work candle magick and lunar magick, and am just starting to get into spellcasting. I follow the phases of the moon and planets closely, and enjoy using divination as a supplement to rituals or just on its own. I own several decks, including the Rider-Waite, Osho Zen Tarot, Celestial Tarot, Kenneth Ray Stubbs' Shaman Cards, Pathfinder Animal Totem Cards, and Stephanie Azaria's Master & Goddess Altar Cards. I also have worked with the I-Ching. About a year ago, I begun studying shamanism and am very drawn to this path.

I am very interested in Buddhism, meditation, yogic philosophy, tantra, energy systems, and yoga asana. I started teaching yoga in 2010, after realizing what yoga had done for me. I wanted to share this with others and hold space for freedom, clearing, and transformation. I am still learning how to express the lessons I have embodied through my teaching, and enjoying the fruits of practice that continue to come. I believe that yoga teaches us to experience our own energy systems and ourselves as complete beings, granting access to the spiritual realm. Wiccan practices and ritual complement and strengthen the awareness and energies built up in the yogic practice.

My approach is eclectic because I am eclectic. I combine all my influences in my ritual. I use the Witches' Datebook and Stephan Azaria (Cosmic Astrology) datebooks for planetary positions, as well as daily color correspondences. I use my collection of crystals and gemstones on my altar, as ritual tools, and to mark the 4 directions. I use plants and flowers in ritual a lot, and have a small, but healthy, collection of houseplants that I talk to, work energy with, and work crystals with. I love animals, but regrettably don't have any of my own. However, I resonate strongly to all animals and I feel them resonating to me too. I have had many interesting experiences with animals approaching me or showing me some kind of special attention, and most animals are always friendly towards me. I use symbols often in my rituals, either carved on candles or written on paper or from my growing collection of statuary. I use my collection of Tarot cards in ritual, either for divination or symbology, or both.

I joined Spells of Magic to continue building my skills and developing my technique. I am curious, open-minded, experimental, and tenacious. I am very intuitive and have been told by experienced healers that I have very strong healing energy. I do feel like a natural healer, empath, and intuitive. I have also been told by a shaman that I feel like a Twin Spirit to him, and I do resonate with this possibility. I would like to learn psychic visioning, shamanic journeying, scrying, distance healing, spellcasting, energy magick, sex magick, meet my spirit guardians, work with totem animals, as well as tighten up the basics of casting a circle, visualization, incantations, calling the 4 directions, invoking the god & goddess, etc.