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Name: KayleeKat
Birthday: Jul 6 1998
Location: CA, USA
Gender: Female
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Please read completely before messaging me! Hello, my name is Kaylee, or Kay. I've been on this website for a few years now but have never made consistent logins and maintained any relations to other active members -- not until now at least! I'm a solitary witch, currently studying: Herbs (and boy are there a lot to study!) I love working with spirits, sigils, herbs, crystals and am open to lots more! Messaging: I do not enjoy getting any unsolicited offers or propositions from other members, please do not message me with any profanity or content that you wouldn't be proud showing your mother or grandmother. Please do not try to contact me to 'roleplay' I find this very annoying and will block you immediately. Also, please do not message with just one word (hello, hi, etc), if you'd like to start a conversation, ask a question. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder so be kind and do not message me about your personal problems or your opinions on my disorder, it is not beneficial for me to hear about them and I do not care to anyways. Do not contact me about your fantasy spells or fantasy magic. Feel free to ask me for links to book PDFs or books for beginners! You are welcome to ask me what I am reading and learn with me. Contact Information: If you wish to follow my witchcraft themed blog on tumblr, my username is MossandMagic. Do not ask for alternative contact information. I will not provide you with any.