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Eeiiee's Profile

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Name: Eeiiee
Location: Dexter
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 05 Dec 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Update and other stuff: I have been working with magic since I was about 3 or 4. My first ever spell was controling the wind though use of a combining summoning. I can order nature, time, normal animals, people, and the more "magical creatures" in a certian way and the one that hears that voice must obey. However it disrupts a lot when I speak in that way. I know abit about healing, creation, levitation, speaking to the dead, self-ressurection aka dying and then coming back to life (no drugs or anything like that just mental power), the one that might be called death is a friend of mine he looks like he's about 14 now he was 8 looking, I see within things such as conversations and emotions. In past lifes I have memories of being a transforming wolf 3 times and vampire 3 times although I don't make a good vampire. I have fully merged with my shadow aka dark side and no that doesn't make me evil it means I will be able to move forward without anything holding me back. ALso I have a problem now, it seems with the total merger, after leting go of a lot of things that was holding me back, the defenses I had against my shadow aren't needed and have dissappeared, also I now have both of our strengths at once plus there was an evolution at the same time. (Evolution is reaching a time when I evolve and gain "more power then I ever thought would be possible) So becuese of those things I offically am a power plant that is producing too much energy" as I was once told a long time ago. Also even though I have a whole lot more power then ever before. I still have problems directly affecting the world. I mean sure I can cause a storm or flood, make the wind blow. However when it comes to purposeful levitation and flight or something that requires an action that goes against physical laws its really hard for me. I do those kinda things purely subconsincely it seems but I have noticed there is a certian feeling when something falls or goes flying. I don't worship a god or goddess and I have only met one that deserves that title. I choose my own path its proberly one of the hardest ones that is possible to pick. I'm going to be myself and become the person thats on top of the world not becuese I want power but becuese if I can stand above everyone else then I think that I could be truly free. Even now american's freedom is covered by a bunch of rules and restrictions even if someone says to just be yourself they don't mean it. So I am going to be in a position where I don't have to follow anyone or act like anyone besides me. Also, if I can do that then maybe I can bring this world closer. If you look at two opposeing views there is always something they agree on and I am going to bring the opposites of this world together and create harmoney. Enjoy life and live it to the fullest.