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Name: Neilanthony
Birthday: Aug 23 1990
Location: Nottingham (United Kingdom)
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Hi, I have always had an interest in magic, spells and potion. i believe it took a real liking to it when my grandmother passed on, as she had shown me little things, such as potions and minor spells. ever since then i have always classed my self to have a power. i once used a spell (my first ever!) to heal my pet dog's eye. in the space of an hour of doing the spell her eye was fully healed. I consider myself to be a practical witch/wiccan (its just a label to me) I truly enjoy creating potions, and trying new spells. when I cast a spell I feel what I believe to be my grandmother watching over me. I do remember my biggest spell. I was hurting after a broken heart, I wanted to cast a revenge spell on my ex partner. while in the middle of the spell the atmosphere became uncomfortable. I felt even more sad. I could hear faint screams in my mind not to continue with my spell. it didn't sound like my grandmother. before I managed to blow out my black candle my dog at the time (Theodore) came running towards me! I started to say "So mote I----" Theodore ransacked my spell. my candle fell onto my floor and extinguished, I was unable to seal my spell. about 5 weeks later I went to visit a Psychic. she informed me about the spell I almost cast, what ever I send out I will receive it back three times as what I sent it. she told me that Theodore was my familiar. He was protecting me and keeping me safe. after that visit I bonded with Theodore so much that he was a part of me. about 6 months after that Theodore passed on after being hit by a car. I felt like I was to blame, he protected and cared for me so many times and I was unable to help him. ever since I have took an interest in potions and healing spells. I feeling fantastic knowing that I'm helping others. I have cast many protection spells on my home and other family to help keep them safe. If I was given this gift, then I am going to use it, to help others. and also continue to learn.