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Name: Mr.minaj
Birthday: Aug 12 1997
Location: california
Gender: Male
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hello there! im a cool guy, im only 14 ive been practicing the craft for 4 years, ive always been interested in the craft since i was vey little. im bright and talented and my emotions are always contageous. (i hope i spelt that right) lol. i kind of think of it as a gift. i have green eyes :p. also if your a very negative person then please stay away from me. my favorite type of spells and the best im at are protecting spells. sometimes i cast them on others when they realy need it and there haveing a bad/emotional/sad times. If you ask me to do one for you, i might... but i realy realy prefer that you do it yoursself because protecting spells are best done by yourself because
your own emotion has alot of part in protecting spells. also im a very ecxepting
person,i do not judge. im bisexual and preety open about it. always imbrace who you are never hide your true self,im also very funny lol, i do know alot about magick so if
your a beginner then you can talk to me and ill teach you the basics.If you have any questions or so on then just message me.
now remember keep safe, imbrace yourself and blessed be )0(