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Name: Werefox
Location: Pennsylvania
Gender: Male
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I am a type of "furry" and therian more spiritual than most, specifically a red fox with metaphysical leanings that include interests in the magical which I feel may better help me to understand and enhance the fox spirit within me. I have affinity with cats, foxes being "the feline canine." Please note that I claim no transformational powers, but only psychological identification with foxes and their traits. My area of study is animal magic, I am somewhat knowledgeable about crystals, and I have a fair feeling for chakras, holding Reiki Level I certification with fox and animal path attunements. As I was once told, "Enjoy the energies!" "The Fox Chant" Stealthy messenger of the gods! Cunning and wise, reliable friend. Guide my steps through this maze of deception, And see this problem to its end. * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * "The Fox Prayer" I call on fox. Shapeshifter and trickster, Edge-walker and messenger, Help me blend with my surroundings And adapt to the changing landscapes. Show me the hidden paths between the worlds. Teach me the ways of invisibility and camouflage. Gift me your keen senses That I may see more of what is around me And use it to accomplish my goals. I call on you, fox, To bring magic and discernment into my life. Lead me at your steady gait to those places Where I might do the greatest good. Let us walk the borders between day and night And follow the scent of divine mischief. Fox, I call on you.