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Name: rowl
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I am a Human Robert Wolf III I have brown or blonde hair and have been working on trying to understand for the past 31 years why I always end up in some dumb doctors office having them listening to my life and why I end living the life that I do maybe it is because my family had nothing better to do but teach me how not to make real money but I learned and I learned how to avoid almost everything put more pressure on my head I want to quite sometimes but I have no idea why I go on trying any way some way is better then letting some one else control my life my own future life I would be the greatest person of this universe any way I can but I am just a plain human and get along greatly with every one and every thing that I have been in contact with in this universe and in other universes that are identical to our own, learned a lot, died a lot, lived happy, lived for eternity. Still alive and still going on with this physical life.