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Aniceto28's Profile

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Name: Aniceto28
Birthday: Jan 12 1995
Location: Being driven mad by my insanity!
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Fri, 18 Apr 2014
Membership: Member

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Personal Bio
AGE:18 BIRTHSTONE:Red Garnet ZODIAC SIGN:Capricorn FAVORITE COLOR:Azure Blue,Crimson Red,and Emerald Green. ELEMENT:Earth RELATIONSHIP:Engaged (Currently changing/Updated by 2/10) I've been meaning to update my profile for some time and I finally have some time to do so. A lot has changed since I joined this site so much needs to be said. So where shall I begin? Well, my name is Andrew.J.Villareal a.k.a Rune Athanasia Ukenchin.(I'll explain this name later)Personally, I believe I am a good friend even though sometimes the ways I help some friends may hurt and seem cruel but in the end it works out. ^_^ I am a very introverted person and usually don't have many friends except the few that are oddly attracted to me. I am EXTREMELY protective of all my friends and will argue and fight to make sure they are okay. I'll always have there back on anything and they always have mine. ^_^ I think it's better to have a small group of friends you can trust and know well rather then a large group of friends you barely know and are more acquaintances then friends. My friends always wonder what is really go on in my head cause most of the time I am like a shadowy figure following closely behind but never seen. Other times I am just gazing about thinking and day dreaming. I can be a ball of energy though. =D I do have ADHD and take medication for it. Most of the time I try and not take it. I prefer to be off of it since I am more myself. Off my medication, I am a whole other person. I laughing constantly and cracking jokes of all kinds. My friends say that it is like a two faced coin. I think that is hilarious. I can be quite insane and crazy. Also, I am an excellent researcher. I love researching anything that catches my interest.(mainly psychology related topics) I'm more of a casual gamer. Use to be a very avid gamer but there were some things that interfered so more casual then anything else. I play computer games mainly now. (Not WoW) Morals & Values I hold Loyalty,Honesty,and Integrity highest above all in my standards. People who aren't loyal will always betray you and will always have a knife ready to stab you in the back. Honesty is what all should strive for but it hard for most so try your best to always stay true. I am a follower of Wicca. Most people don't know this about me because either I don't trust them or I feel it's something that I shouldn't tell. I'm about 40% dedicated to my faith to the God and Goddess.60% to school. I love the peace and quiet of night and usually enjoy my personal time. It is something I greatly value. I don't like to be constantly asked to repeat something. I will only repeat myself twice. It is just a annoying to repeat things. I am very kind to people and generous. I am always willing to help anyone who needs to talk or to just keep them company or for advice but if you stab me in the back expect consequence. I do not take treacherous acts and deceit lightly. In the past I have been hurt and betrayed by those who I believed to be the closest people in the world to me. I protect all who are close to me with everything I got. I hold all my friends close to my heart and will give my life and soul for them. I just can't stand people who are immature and who act stupid. If you wish to speak with me, have a reason to speak! Don't ask me stupid questions or say you were simply just bored! Grow up don't act like you are a toddler! Show me respect and I'll respect you. I do not show respect to many, especially those who try and order me around or try to demand it. No one will ever rule me my soul except me! Live free and make your own path and never regret the decisions you make! Fly free and live your life untamed!