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Im 16 (2012)im a im a very hyper person can blame me. but also im very childish for my age *HIGH FIVE* lol im not very smart but i do try my best in anything i do!! im dont really have a style but i could say im very scene but im not really that much like it only my hair My name katie BUT call me kat I am an art student I love to draw anime and manga and fairy tales creatures I found wicca when i was 5 when looking around a book shop and my mum saw this silver ravenwolf book on wiccan and here i am today =) =) I hate poser who think there something when they r not *they make my hit list* i prefer to study dark magic,charms and enchanments.....please dont ask why ;P ---------------------------------------------------------------------- my favoutie films are :sweeney todd(johnny depp love forever!) :corpses bride :nightmare before christmas :edward scissorhands :frightnight :vampire sucks :hellsing :my neightbour totoro :blood, the last vampire :underworlds saga :zombieland :rediesnt evil :twilight :romeo and juilet :bridget jones!!!! (because shes british(im am 2)) !!! ------------------------------------------------------------------ Thing i like to say : - shhhhh it quiet time -your make me want to burn things -your just have one of thoses faces which make me want to hurt you -so what if im drifferent at least im not a zoneclone from the planet i have no life ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music which is amazing -skillet monster -escape the fate your so beauiful -falling in reverse im not a vampire -flyleaf im so sick, cassie -discowarp records dont go away -my chemical romance im not ok -fall out boy tjus aint a scene its a god damn arm race -he is we kiss it all better -the pretty reckless make me wanna die -my favouite highways enterain the pain -her bright side ghost in the attic ------------------------------------------------------------------- You say you love me? So tell me this. What does she have that I don't? How does she get to have you and keep you, when all I want is you? -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 bottles of bleach: $15.00. One rope, 3 rolls of duct tape, and a shovel: $35.00. 3 boxes of trash bags: $10.00. The look on the cashier's face: Priceless! :D ---------------------------------------------------------------- if you smile i would smile(: if you laughed i would laugh(: if you cried i would cry. if you jumped off a bridge I'd scream at you, "can i have your iPhone?" -------------------------------------------------------------------- my mind is sore from thinking, my eyes are sore from crying, my heart is sore from hurting, & it's all because of you. ------------------------------------------------------------------- Come on WHO STOLE MY HALO? I left it on my head and now it is missing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- When someone hurts you a good friend would comfort you ,but a best friend would walk around you swinging a baseball bat saying "Someones gonna get hurt."! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Never tell a girl the things she wants to hear unless you mean them, you never know how your words might be effecting their life. ------------------------------------------------------------------- To those who hate Emos/Goths: Isn't it funny that when you go to the shops with your friends you look down at the girl with black jeans and studs but smile at the girl wearing a mini with a tshirt that barely cover anything? Isnt it funny you can change your music taste to impress a guy but when it comes to a girl who likes her own music and her own style, you give her a mouthful? ISN'T IT FUNNY that a guy can get away with being a gangsta but the emo gets a mouthful from everyone? are you laughing? Isnt it funny a emo can be quiet all through the week but gets more shit from everyone than the girl who sleeps around and sells her virginity? ISN'T IT FUNNY that you dont mind your friends drinking, smoking but the minute someone mentions emo music you can give them a lecture on melodramatic teenage outcasts? I'm not laughing. ITS SO FUNNY that you and your friends can make a girls life hell and not know anything about the silent battle she might be fighting. ISN'T IT FUNNY that you can call emos, punks, goths the retards but still manage to get through your day without an inch of guilt in your heart. HOW YOU CAN CALL A GIRL A POSER, HOW CAN YOU SAY ''YOUR NOT EMO'' OR ''ATTENTION SEEKER'' WITHOUT SPENDING A SECOND TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY THERE ARE CUTS ON HER WRISTS AND WHY SHE SPENDS HER LUNCHTIMES CRYING INSTEAD OF LAUGHING WITH HER FRIENDS? KEEP ON LAUGHING! isnt it funny you can say and do all this without any idea of what is going on in this persons life without knowing her situation with her friends or her family or her LIFE! BRAVE ISNT GOING UP ON STAGE AND STRIPPING! BRAVE IS NOT SAYING A SPEECH OR DUMPING YOUR BOYFRIEND! BRAVE IS GOING TO SCHOOL ON MUFTI DAY AND NOT FOR A SECOND CARE WHAT THE WORLD AROUND YOU IS SAYING ABOUT YOUR CLOTHES. ITS LISTENING TO YOUR OWN MUSIC AND BEING PROUD OF IT! ITS GOING THROUGH EVERY DAY WITH THE THINGS PEOPLE SAY TO YOUR FACE AND BEHIND YOUR BACK AND YOU STILL KEEP QUIET. ITS KNOWING WHAT YOUR ''FRIENDS'' ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU AND STILL CALLING THEM YOUR FRIENDS! BRAVE IS KNOWING THAT TOMOROW ISNT A BRIGHT AND HAPPY FUTURE ITS ANOTHER DAY OF COMPLAINING AND DODGING RUMORS! KEEP ON LAUGHING.