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Many are called, but few are chosen - please join me at my fan page: I am the founder, Head Pastor and Chief Editor of the Landover Baptist Church online ministry at as well as the Chief Pastor - "Head Honcho" so to speak of the Landover Baptist Church in Freehold, Iowa. I am a 18th (Mayflower descended) generation member of the Landover Baptist Church, and every single one of my ancestors has held either a Chief Pastorship or a postition of import in America's most powerful church, Landover Baptist. Me and my sissified grandson, Timmy (who now resides in a remote facility in North Dakota) are the ONLY living members of the Landover Baptist Church with the purest Puritan blood as testified by world renound Creation Scientist, Dr. Jonathan Edwards. I was saved at the age of 4. And I lived more of a sinner's life by that age than I'd ever care to testify! An 18th generation Landoverian, born and raised in Freehold, Iowa. My own self and several members of my immediate family (including my steadfast and obedient wife), can trace our Godly bloodlines directly back to Albert Smithe, The True Christian? Pilgrim Chaplin of the Mayflower. My sweet, God-fearing and precious Pilgrim ancestors left the first East Coast liberals (Lie Bore All's) as early as 1618 because (like the damned Nancy Boys they left behind in England) they took to lewd and effeminate practices, such as fastening belt-buckles on their hats! Some things never change And I am fighting Satan and his children which is you little fat buger a lot of you say that you dont believe in the devil you stupit fat pigly wiccans but he believe in you so your going to burn in hell and your going to be beef steaks to santin. hiding in you covens doing the devil biding. gods watching you and he dont like the show with your body piercing and tatoos all over you bodys and if i effer see you near my church i will beat you down until you cunvert to jesus christ oh glory