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Name: witchdocter6
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YOU SHOULD READ MY PROFILE BEFORE MESSAGING, SHOULD GIVE YOU SOME GOOD INFO, JUST TIRED OF ANSWERING STUFF THAT IS ON MY PROFILE ALREADY :) and don't message me with one word please lol its tells your a shy person and if you are I'm going to make you talk because people will think your boring, so come on speak up and have fun! hey! Names Josh. I used to be Wiccan and part Christian lol but not anymore. I have no religion how ever I do have beliefs that explain religion by information from a former friend that I think you might find interesting but hey, anyone can believe whatever they want! I'm not here to judge bro.(if you want to find out more just talk to me.)Haven't been on here in along time but now I'm back to check things out. Maybe study of what some of you guys believe cause I like having friendly convo's with people! I'm straight even though I don't date people due to past problems. never had a gf and never will. all we will be is friends. on the side of that, my skills: hmm not to be conceded haha but I'm a musician/writer/artist. I'm working on an anime show that I came up with, with some friends. my two friends are doing the animation and helping me use the music studio. my music experience: I play the Sax, 3 types and two types of clarinets. I'm an open guy, you can come talk to me if you have any problems, everyone has a story. I even do! I know people on here have a lot of problems, I cry for them leaving such negativity on there profiles. these sad poems :( they just always bring me down. I just wanna huge them and never let them go, (not to be creepy lol)but I do admire the creativity in the poems. but seriously, if you have any problems, talk to someone. they might have info that might help you. I have some pretty good info since one of my specialty's are emotions and how to handle them. I do not appreciate people trying to hurt people. (any mean messages trying to hurt me will get one of my error messages that says you will be automatically blocked 'and then with a little winking face saying Have a nice day!' ;) ) I'm really positive so no one can really hurt me :D but I will always say "what's wrong?" first to see if I can help they're "mean" problems on trying to hurt people. we need to make a peaceful world here. I do not appreciate high knowledgeable people being so conceded. please, have some manners, again we need to make a peaceful world. what i love to talk about!: witchcraft, astral, dimensions, aliens, Bashar, religions, anime, music, and storys. lots of paranormal ^^ age: 17 horoscope: aries! favorite bands: Avantasia, Sirenia, Kamelot and Nightwish! alternate name: Black-out so if you have any Q's or you just want to get to know me, I'm down, hit me up and shoot me a mail! or facebook is good too. I'd actually perfer facebook cause of Insant messaging lol. and sorry if i don't reply to you right away cause i usually have a lot of tabs open on my computer but i will reply :) oh yeah and if your a fluffy...um, i'll still talk to you, but warning: i don't like to talk about vamps and werewolfs unless its fantasy say like a movie. i already have a friend actually a really close friend at school but only prob is he thinks he's a werewolf, sometimes i just wanna strangle him to the ground and say, "who's the big bad wolf now bro!" lol. anyway i don't like that. my magic experience: um...i do not use the term "magic" much because it is explainable with a hypothesis belief in science. i have done a lot of meditations with Robert Monroe's brainwave technology. included for astral projection! i have made a lot of things happen such as improving my skills at a very fast pace, guessing on tests and getting them all right, and other little stuff like that. i don't practice much because i'm focusing more "magic" on my show to be successful. i dont really use spells, I just believe and it happens. I can elaborate on that if you want to know more. I'm also very good at controlling emotions and tricking the mind and there's a secret to that :)I also know some pretty cool meditations using technology. you can even find some on youtube. they gots everything on there. oh I should probably mention that these horoscope fortune things usually don't work on me because I change them when I don't like the fortune me and my friends plan: we plan to make easy cash by doing anime shows and making computers so we can get supplies and travel this world to see what we can accomplish to finding out the true meaning of life and to find out the true after life. note: this might sound like a really impossible plan I know, but we have really good resources, so there is a chance, trust me. I know some people have multiple personality's on this site, that's cool, I'm currently studying about M.P.D. to see some of the benefits and understand a little more about these people. I think there's something spiritual about it I'm not sure(still looking and researching), but if your someone that has that, I might have a few questions for you if that's alright :D I'm also studying reincarnation since people have been remembering their past lives. if your one of them too I might have a few questions for you if that's cool :) I'm also trying to connect with my spirit guides and higher self. if anyone can help me with that, that would be really really be appreciated :D though you might not have the right info I'm looking for, but anything that works and is not a hallucination. note: that if your one of those that believe in evil spirits and warding them off first or something, then it's probably not going to be the info I'm looking for because I don't believe in evil spirits, only loving spirit energy's that are apart of the universe. sorry I can be a complicated person sometime lol. quotes: "There is no end to second chances" Bashar "You are the "you" niverse...the "you" niverse is only made up of "you", and that's all you'll ever find in your particular "you" niverse...is you, your expression of the Infinite." Bashar best one ever by bashar : "When you Change the belief to, 'I do deserve to create a reality of effortlessness and ease, and I will be supported,' then that's the reality you will get; the universe will support you 100% in that direction. Because now that's what you believe.. All you need to do is be willing to recognize that 100% trust in the direction you prefer will create the reality you desire to experience."