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Hello I been learning about magick and myself for 7+ years I'm a traveler with many stories from my misadventure and adding on to them one of my fav saying is "being civilized is a handicap" - me I love meeting new people so pm I don't bite ;=] : much and no one ever talks about Lilith really :p just saying P.S. Anubis rocks!!!that is not all :=] P.s.S. I like watch MLP(my little pony) it's show that unlike most "girly" teach kind of love but it really teach "friendships and Tolerance" to an extent P.S.S.S. to all you other magick users just because magick is real does not mean we can't have fun going over the top and getting silly with spell for games that we play and/or roles the we play know the differnt is half the battle doing both is the other half especially if we genuinely enjoy such games and are inspired to do better in our lives