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Hello, I'm Kayleen. I'm 15 years of age and I want to learn more about paranormal stuff and magic. I wanna learn magic that deals with the earth and fire. I'm a major pyro so fire and I are pretty much best friends haha. Uhhhh I am very random and tend to get distracted easily. Some people say I act a bit young for my age but thats only because i'm not ready to grow up and face adulthood. I can be mature when needed but if it's not need then why act it? Uhm well if you wanna know anything else or have questions of some sort just message me. Heres some of my writing.... I sit here in the dark. My blood is flowing; tears are falling; memories are replaying in my head over and over. 3 words keep replaying like a broken CD. It's all I hear. Lies. The voice tells me lies as I lay here waiting- waiting for it all to be over. It stops. The voices, the tears, the memories, it all stops except for the blood. The blood just pours out not planning to stop. " I love you..." was the last thing I heard. I know it's a lie. I hear, but I can't help but smile one last time before my soul gets set free. Dead. I am dead now. My soul is free and my body just lays there, motionless, white as snow, but s relaxed, so... relieved. I look into your eyes and to most all they see is a simple reflection, but I see lost hopes and smothered dreams. Your soul is locked away. Never to be seen. Your lost and scared of everything. YOu say your dying but it's only 'cause your scared ot live. I see the scars on your wrist and wonder why. Why would you dare to hurt yourself? I see the beer cans and pipe. Why would you dare to start that? I see the bruises. Why would you dare let them hurt you? O see the stains of tears. Why would you dare let them fall? I look in front of me and realize its a mirror infront of me. I can't believe what I see, what I see is the real me. If I laid there with my blood pouring out of me, what would you do? Would you watch me suffer? Would you try to save me? Would you just walk away like I was never there? In my tears is all the memories we shared. In my blood is my dead soul finally becoming free. This next one I just wrote actually so 4/1/2012 Lost hearts and broken dreams. Ditch the hopes and hang up the schemes. Love is cruel and life is never what it seems. Close the doors and hide the windows. Do it before you become an ungreatful widow. You cry, you weep, you try, you sleep. I'm tired, i'm done. I'm gone so wheres the gun? Just one bullet, it's all it takes. Just to fix my beautiful mistakes. Come on please hand the revolver so I can end it anf have it all over. Just one shot do it for me. Please oh please set me free.... I'm free. I'm done. Right here I lie. My love, my dear, I whisper good-bye.