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DO NOT ASK ME HOW TO BECOME A VAMPIRE, DRAGON, WAREWOLF EXT, you cant become these things becuase they are fictional. About me: I love to cook, crafting, woodwork, basically anything I can use my hands with I love magick, rituals, nature, divination, herbalism, crystals and gardening I love sports, especially saber fencing (I?working for 2016 Olympics), reading, research and learning I hate that I procrastinate?, art (painting, ext), negative people, wasted space Magick me: Basics Herbalism and gardening Crystals Divination Tarot Making tools Waters Essences FIRE Elements Divine Me: Brother Christ brother Buddha, and the ascended masters Mary Magdalene, Virgin Mary The One God and Godess, Saints Angles Any gods/ goddesses that I want, I feel as though they are the same but different names/ aspects Teaching, i might be able to teach a little bit about what i like to do, so message me and ill figure something out.