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RaximeMoruko's Profile

Member Info
Name: RaximeMoruko
Location: Cair Paravel, A base for BLACK Magik, (darkness league)
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Fri, 30 Dec 2011
Membership: Member

Personal Bio
Hello, I'm Raxime, or Moruko. I have two entities, one being a male and my dominant being a female. I can turn into a fox, I actually look like my picture, except i'm not an anime. My other half, Moruko, is 14 years old because he was created at a different time than me. Raxime, who i am currently, is 26. My body looks 26, my age is like (168,000) or something like that. I lose track of age, to many numbers... FOX I can turn into a Fox, like i said before, however, I didn't choose to be able to do so. When I was younger, i couldn't control when i turned into a Fox, but i would when i was greatly angered. Now, I can change at Will. I didn't always have this ability. When I was younger, i was alone at an eerie place waiting at a very late hour. Then something knocked me unconscious, which much later i found out was a fox spirit that was consummed by the Darkness. It also took my "heart" which left me for a long while without feelings. (not my physical heart) When i awoke without my heart, i turned into a fox when some Man in his 20's angered me. I was 11 at the time this occurred. for 2 years i couldnt control it, then i started to figure out a technique to do it within the next 3 years. Then, i got my heart back 3 days after i turned 17, then i forgot everything about my heartless life, and was adopted by a Magic proffesor who taught me how to change whenever i wanted instead of when i was angered. So i dont change when i am angered now. I cannot teach people how to turn into a fox! However, i know of ways that you can, and it takes time and skill to accomplish this ability. I would be happy to help you through it, if you'd like. My Other Entity My Other entity, whom is Moruko, was created when i was without my heart (again, not my physical heart). I was with a group of people who were without hearts, and one of them was a scientist (who i thought personally was insane). He experimented on me, and turned me into a boy, Moruko, who had a complete different personality. I couldn't control when i turned into him, so at times, i would miss a part of a day, and not know what happened because I was Moruko. When i got my heart back, Moruko did to, and we were whole again (whole meaning had our missing part, our hearts). I forgot everything about me being heartless, and i lost my personality. (which is hard to explain). The Professor, who is now my Father, found me drifting in what he said was a floating endless black cloud hole. He then, after encountering Moruko who looked like me, only male-ish, separated us into our own separate beings. However, If Moruko gets hurt, i get hurt, if i get hurt, he gets hurt. We gradually changed over time, so Me and Him don't look like twins anymore. Moruko is of Darkness. My Father I call Him Daddy, Moruko calls him Professor, (which i think isn't necessary, because he is both our dad.)My Father is a Potion Professor at a wizard school. He is of Darkness. Every day, he takes me out for training. Always includes fighting creatures he creates and can summon at will, and another subject he chooses. Also, every day around 3:00 p.m., he has me make a potion to see if i'v been studying, and know my herbs and chemicals and such.My Father is also a Great Wizard, and though i'm not one, he got me a wand which i can actually use.My Father is also the one who spends hours a day trying to uncover my past lives, (i do not re-incarnate, i just happen to be 100,000 years old....)and tries to find out why the fox spirit attacked me and such. Most importantly, He loves me and i love him ^_^ (he hates Moruko, Moruko takes that really hard sometimes) Darkness My whole family is one of the Darkness. Meaning, we've excepted it. If you don't know what that means, It means he is, as the holders of Light that we know say "The evil ones. Blinded by the darkness" Which i think is racist.... Most people, who are standard, say the Darkness is evil and wrong. Well, again, racism... No it is not wrong, it gives you more power. (thats what daddy says, and he proved it) But occasionally, Moruko gets really really angry and becomes over thrown with darkness. And instead of his goofy self, he is an evil jerk. But the "chosen one of Light" changes him back with his Key-Sword thing. (Like an over-sized Key that you swing around and kill stuff with) Because we are one of the Darkness, we joined a certain league called, "Kingdom Of BLACK Magik". I can't really tell you about it because it's classified. But, I can say that it only consists of Strong people of Darkness, and there is quite a few of us. WHAT I AM I do not know what i am, exactly. But i do know what i am not. Specialties & abilities *I can fly with or without a broomstick. *I am a Black Mage, So i specialize in Black magic *I know most every potion that exists. Well, except personal made ones. My Father probably knows those though. *I makes my own spells. Or, attempt to. *My Father says this is rare, but if i am angered enough, bad luck will happen to everyone around except myself. *Top Ability: Super hearing *Top Specialty: Connecting to ones heart Statements Okay, i want to know why there are all these "banish the darkness" spells, and "Protection from the Darkness" spells, and "Destroy Darkness" spells? I mean, I am Darkness, I want a "Protect from the Light" spell, because the Light nearly killed me! For all of the people out there who side with the Light, It isn't doing you any good, It's only turning you into this Goody-Goody person! Hate to be rude, but I can see that the Light is a prison you can't get out of! Think about it. Rules? Restrictions? Limited power? I mean, come ON! You will never find your true power in the Light. "Light is Good" They say. "Light is the right side" They say. Maybe because they never been to the Dark. Maybe because us Darkness scare the Light. Moruko says: Yeah, I get what she's saying about the Light boasting over Darkness. Most People side with the Light, because the Light makes us Darkness look Evil, destructive, bad, reckless. Well no. Not at all. The Darkness is no different than the Light, except that it's better. Darkness has more freedom, and it has more power. Heck, i'd say it has a lot more creatures sided to it aswell. Raxime and Myself are sick of the Light. A lot of us Darkness is. You may read this and think, "Hey, Darkness thinks its better than light, it must be trying to take light over" Or something, (iv heard that before...) But no. We are equal to you Light. We need to be heard. We don't want a fight, we just do things differently, and that Scares the Light;the light wants it done the way they know how to. We don't want war, we want to be treated equal. ____________________________________________________________________ Quotes: "As if!" "...Meh..." "Why do I even bother..." "If I could then I would, but I can't So I don't." "Love is like a flame, Lighter fluid is a BAD idea..." "Do you know your Do's and your Don'ts? You do? Then... Don't do your don'ts and don't not do your do's... The gist of this: Do what I tell you to do..." "Watch your thoughts, they become words. Watch your words, they become actions. Watch your actions, they become habits. Watch your habits, they become your character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny....And to warn you ahead of time, I can hear your thoughts, so stop." (Moruko: She reads minds often, BTW...)