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My mom, and grandma has taught me most of what I know today, theyre the most knowledgeable people I have ever meet and I love them dearly. I believe "Family" is what you made of it. I embrace often, the people I care about I do not do cartomancy or herbology mainly because those are the area in which my mother is specialize in, even though I have my fair share of knowledge in these fied. I am trying to find my own passion by not being like my family's members I am really open-minded about all sort of different path. My big sis is the one that got me started into witchcraft. Oh speaking of that which remind me, you guys should check out that run by my sis, just said Edna sent you here =) Im not a newbie to the site or to magic, the name Kindred Soul is from a fairy painting that I like when I was little, I am not claiming to be any sort of "kindred" species, I am fully human. Noted- The spells I add are clearly cited and the credit given to the rightful author, I do not wrote it myself so do not ask me any question about it. Read it carefully, the instruction are pretty simple