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Kobolds, are small humanoid creatures. They are aggressive, xenophobic and industrious, noted for their exceptional skill at building traps and preparing ambushes.
Chaos magicians have a penchant for using sigils in their rites. Sigils are symbols used to create reality according to the will of the magician. Since symbols have resonated deeply with humanity for thousands of years, this is an especially powerful way to practice magic.
Attributes of Chaos Magic
Unlike what the name implies, chaos magic is hardly chaotic. It can be, but the point is to be freed of cultural programming in order to bring about true change. In this sense, chaos is the cathartic element that pushes the magician past restrictive personal boundaries.
Chaos magicians stay away from a dogmatic approach. Instead, they believe in embracing different belief systems as a means to an end. For instance, for one rite, they may immerse themselves in ceremonial magic techniques and for another may use a more nature-based ritual to achieve success in their work.

that's abt all you need to know for now.