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about me...well my name is damian. or that's what i want to be called. my birth name is one i can't like, so dont ask. well also, for some odd reason i'm a fan of the name haunts me and i favor it, so i'll also accept being called that. i love demons. i associate with them often too. i do believe in half demons and other things as such. so if you don't, then we'll agree to disagree, but no hating. i am the dog of damnation, a beast, a prince to be, a monsterous to see. i am rather dangerous. being around me isn't the most recommended thing, since even when i don't want to i hurt people. in many ways. i'm strong due to my blood and my ancestery. but i still have so much room to improve and grow. wanna know more about me? then just ask. i am one to answer questions, not hand out information