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Abrahadabra's Profile

Member Info
Name: Abrahadabra
Location: Necropolis
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Mon, 04 Jun 2012

Membership: Member

Personal Bio
I shall state this openly and state this once and only once, I am tired of certain individuals on this site (you know who you are) demoting my rank on here. I do not care of your personal opinion, you are supposed to give an unbiased vote. Now if you are so swift to put me down for my dark beliefs, then perhaps you require a demonstration, of which upon request I shall be more than eager to oblige. If there is one who feels they can challenge me, let them speak yet let them not hide behind cowardice titles which hold no real power. That is all.

Darkest Greetings and Salutations

So you wish to know about me? Why? So you can judge me according to the close minded opinions of society? So you can brashly scorn me according to your impudent and pathetic laws? If not, then feel free to step into my dark domain, however I shall not tolerate idiocy.

The magnanimous hypocrisy that mankind protrudes makes me sick. I hate Humanity with every ounce of my being, I loathe the societal kind that it represents, the filth of its flesh, the stench of its breath, the loathsome and vomit inducing maggots that crawl upon this Earthen rock speaking of religion and self-interest that have no goals for a common unity.

Those which flee Death as if it is a plague or a blight seeking whom it may devour. I spit upon such filth as one spits upon the scum beneath their shoes. I gladly defy all who stand in my path, I gladly strike upon all who dare challenge my stature.

I have learned and experienced all the aspects of magick save a few Wiccan arts which never interested me. I can assist with 90% of anyone's problems if the need arises and I am given good enough a reason to do something about it.

I can be your best friend, or your worst nightmare. It all depends on how you carry yourself around me. I do not tolerate disrespect and I do not tolerate betrayal. I am far from new to this site, I have been lurking in and out of the shadows for years now, I have a high leadership experience and the proof thereof as well. I have no tolerance for idiotism nor fraudulent role-players. If you are one, I'll know. I have a "sixth sense" about that kind of thing. I know when you are lying to me, I know when you are hiding something, I do not see people, I see through people. I may not say a word, or I may go off the chain. It all depends on my mood at that time.

I am like a volcano, it takes me a long while to get riled up, but once I do reach my limit and my fuse is gone, I erupt and have yet to encounter someone who can stop me. I accept a great many challenges, and challenge others to prove their worth quite often. I am not afraid to throw my weight around, yet I am not a tyrant unless you get under my skin. I am highly charismatic, I know what to say and when to say it. I do not hold my tongue very often, only if I respect somebody might I even consider not speaking what is on my mind. I have no regard for society, nor its rules. I am a sovereign citizen and can do what I please.

Over my lifetime around here, I have received a good many death threats. To be honest? I laugh at them. If somebody thinks that they are so good and so uber elite that they can try me on that kind of a level, I'll tell them exactly where I am and I'll even be alone. ^_^ Isn't that nice of me? I fear no man, I fear no beast, and I fear no overinflated deified entity. All are the same in my eyes, and anything can be destroyed if the will and desire is strong enough.

Many of you may wish to know what my experience in the arcane is. I'll shorten it up for you, I don't post allot of my knowledge on it on sites like these for a reason. ^_~ Those I do teach my knowledge unto are taught in private with restricting private lessons. As I do not believe that many are worthy to know what took me years to discover just in the blink of an eye.

A great many people know nothing of Magick, yet they claim to be an experienced "Witch". They make me laugh and I would laugh in their face. The term "Witch" was coined by the Xianists in the inquisition a good many years ago, just like the name "Satan" is more or less coined by the Xianist pigs. So read up on your terminology before you start boasting about things.

I know a good many people may not like me, they may not like my attitude, they may not like my style. To those people I say this. Keep out of my way and stay away from me then. If you do not, that is your choice but know if you become an annoyance to me, I shall strike you down far enough that you learn not to cross the line. I do not hesitate to attack most people, I do not follow any rules nor guidelines, I laugh at them. They are for the followers, and for the weak.

I am Luciferian, I believe in self-empowerment with the whole of my being. I do not hesitate, I show no mercy. I am kind to those who are kind unto me, and brutal to those who agitate me. I believe that any being can grow to become a God or Goddess in his or her own rights and even take it several steps further if they pursue it. It just takes allot of knowledge, allot of experience and allot of understanding on what you are doing. As Gods and Goddesses are nothing but titles for overly vamped up beings with a bunch of power. There is no difference other than that and experience than anyone else.

If anyone has any questions for me after reading all of this, then feel free. But you know my stance, you know my foundation, you know my demeanor. Message me at your own risk.

-The End