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Don't blow situations out of proportion. Acceptance is the key. Entertainment could be pleasing if it is of an energetic nature.
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Name: NeonDragon
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 31 Jan 2011
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Uh, hi. My name is Ulrika and I am 16. I have seen certain things that actually didn't happen in the present twice and read minds twice and seen things moved by itself twice when I was pretty much using it at the moment. Oh. My. God. They all happened twice. xD Ok, you can expect anything!!! :D Well, let's say I was a strange little creature when I was born, with my eyes opened and studying all the nurses and doctors that were surrounding me and my mom (Reason so many was that she was unconscious and lost a lot of blood and power). Of course how would you react to a baby who looks at you like that? XD My mom said I was well, she didn't say exactly I was too mature, but I was too smart. I hated watching tv, unless it was soccer, then I get super excited to say "Futbol! Futbol!" :D Then, later, I acted like an angel, nothing else much other than having a little bit of a second sight. Just a normal child. With the seeing thing, I saw blood on one man's face that I never saw again (maybe he died, I don't know...) and once when I was going to get picked up from school I saw my mom in her car looking for her wallet and her head went down (to get the wallet from under the seat?) and then I walked to her car and realized there was no one there, then I looked inside all the windows like an idiot, because she really wasn't there, she was in the office. I looked around me and I saw two people wondering what the heck I was doing, which made me look so crazy. The mind reading thing #1, I accidently nudged my friend and said sorry and kept looking at her for her reply when she said, "I bet you do." Her lips weren't moving, so I asked her what she said and I said, no before that, the first thing you said, "I didn't say anything before that." #2, I was walking at a swat-meet and I heard a man say, "You sure look pretty" and I looked back, because whoever said it sounded really close to me and I see this man who did something in his pick-up and stopped and looked at me from a distance too far from me to even say it. He totally freaked out and I thought that was strange... I lived in apt 13 (I know, freaky number)when I was five and I saw a ghost that came out of a wall and scared the **** out of me and I ran to my mom and dad, who obviously didn't see it when I pointed out to it. I saw ghosts a lot, though I don't remember much, since of course, I was too little. I remember seeing this man walking on the freeway and I asked my mom why he was walking there. I told her quite a bit of things like that. Another time, (ok, this was a silly habit I had when I was 5 or younger)I was in the bathtub taking toilet paper, shape them into a ball and soak them (thought that was the most fun thing in the world), when something invisible took it and it started flying in the bath and I freaked out and screamed for my mom and dad and they saw it, too and did something (I don't know what). In my mind that time, I thought I made a bug that was covered in the soaked toilet paper ball. This school year (10th grade, 2010-2011)I put my pen on the table and opened my bag that was on the floor and the pen automatically flew inside it. For some odd reason, I didn't freak out. I looked to my left and it was obvious that the girl next to me was busy on her computer, though I asked if she did that anyways, she smiled and said, "No..." Just as I thought. She didn't do it! Yeah... Right now, I'm working on learning crystals and some history of Lemuria, Mu, and Atlantis. I only was able to learn to do crystal therapy for my mom's back pain and nothing else, because I learned specifically for her. I know there's not enough crystal therapy teachers out there who can do teaching face-to-face with a student, and I'd love to do that someday, because the chemicals in the medicine is just not good to take anyways (in my belief), so to get to that, I just have to keep on practicing, become a nutritionist to earn enough money to get into herbal medicine classes and do that as a job to get good income. Then, if it's possible, I'll find a way to start teaching crystal therapy to kids and hopefully this old way of healing will be noticed by most people again and meditation will be an important thing to do in everyone's life. :) Oh my God I've been trying to find a tutor I can have in front of me to teach me and the closest thing I was able to find was one school in Los Angeles. So if I can get some help here, that would be so incredibly awesome.... :DDD My mom has tooth pain right now, so I need to know what rocks can work on her and how to use them correctly. The dental stuff is so expensive for her, so I need to find out what works other than putting Amethyst in her mouth. Because that's just... gross. I'm not planning on putting my rocks in there...