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Name: Hope14
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Gender: Female
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Type: I am labeled in the emo/scene/hardcore whatever you know group Gender: Female, straight (my relationship may be coming to it's end) Age: Well I am a teenager. Name: My real first name is Hope. Send me a message if you have any questions for me :)I don't bite, I am a nice/shy person, I am fun to be with when I'm acquainted with a friend, otherwise I may not even speak Send me a message if you would like to, I don't bite :)= ABOUT ME: I am an Empath, I can be Telepathic with a friend of mine, haven't rlly done it with others. I can persuade easily (especially my parents :3) Sometimes I can't get a grip on myself I'll have to admit. I love animals pretty much forever, and my cat Valentine is my baby (not rlly but u know like a one). I have a rabbit named Oreo, I have four Betta fish, and my oldest pet is "Spot", don't ask me why that's her named... I named her when I was 6..... I don't hate, only dislike. My parents call my "Rebellious" but I have no idea why.... hmm i wonder :) I have seen three passed entities in my house. I understand a lot more of the world than most, even though I am "young." I look at the world from a totally different point of view than most. I'm in the world, but not of it, I know how to be serious, but I know when to have fun, but everything I do is usually fun. Don't think since I'm a kid I don't have fun, just since I am involved, blah..... When someone does me wrong, lets just say something worse happens to them most of the time, I can read emotions very well. I don't know as much as I would like to about spell casting, etc. but I'd like to take the time to find more out, so if you know of any "tips" it would help :) I'm talented in many things, I love art, and music a lot.... It's my life pretty much. I am good friends with Riot14. I make poems/quotes, here are some I have made I will add gradually: Her crimson blood, which still runs throughout the deep blue seas, her heart beat racing to the sound of the white gulls beating their wings, her last breath synchronized into the ocean waves peacefully. What a beautiful and horrid way to die it seems. No more tears, no more torment, it's all over but it's only just begun, for the truth tells, and an ocean can't lie.