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Name: TTwitch
Birthday: Dec 20 1994
Location: east coast. USA
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~merry meet~ if someone says do you believe in magic? well my answer is certinly "why yes yes i do" um more about me. well you can call me luna. or tiffany. even TT is fine. iv been into magic and spell casting for several years. and my mood is altered by those around me. i have premanisions in my dreams and by the feeling i have in side. its been this way for quite a long time and they have yet to be wrong. my instincts stear me to what i do. so if i seem rash dont get mad with me. im gentle, but strong. i like music (anything but blues and jazz), martial arts, magic, spell casting, meditation, and more. im not all that new to magic, and witchcraft, but i could still learn some things. ok alot of things. um im currently looking for someone to tell me about channeling energy. i know how to bring energy in from outside and i know how to use it for magic but i want to learn how to use it for energy healing and psi balls. i know some about elements, and the horoscope connected to those elements. and even the spells that element specializes in. i specialize in healing whitch is why im interested in learning more. i also know allot about casting and useing protection spells, some banishment spells, and some luck spells. im friendly, so message me add me doesnt matter. id love to tlk to people about magic, learn of other vampires, and maybe even other creaturs. :) ~blessed be~