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iKevin's Profile

Member Info
Name: iKevin
Birthday: Dec 14 1995
Location: Minnesota, United States
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sun, 14 Oct 2012
Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio
Joined Spells of Magic on September 24, 2010. ~~~ My name is Kevin, and I'm a Christian Witch. Being quite new to magick, I'm still doing plenty of research and have much to learn. I suppose I would consider myself friendly. I enjoy talking to people, hearing their opinions and learning new things. I'm open and try not to judge. The paranormal has always intrigued me and I like reading about it, talking about it, and experiencing it. I love nature and I love life. The universe is so beautiful and it's great to be apart of it. Random Facts About Me: -I'm a vegan. -I'm a Sagittarius. -Autumn is my favourite season. -I'm currently a Freshman in High School -I enjoy cooking. -I've played the piano since I was in 1st grade (8 years). -I was raised Christian and went to a Christian school for 8 years, but luckily wasn't brainwashed into fundamentalism. ~~~ I wrote an introduction of myself for my coven, so I thought I'd throw that in here. Hello, my name is Kevin. I joined this site around the time I got really interested in witchcraft, which was around the end of September. I was raised protestant Christian and went to a Christian school from pre-school all the way through 8th grade. I'm now a Freshman in a public high school and I'm really enjoying it. Before I officially became a ''Christian Witch,'' as I like to call myself, I had always had a guilty fascination with witchcraft. Being raised so strictly Christian, I had simply been taught that it was very sinful and was power from Satan. It wasn't until recently that I decided to just go out and google ''Christian witchcraft,'' ''Christian witch,'' etc., and found that there really was such a thing! I researched it for a while, and then decided to join this site and coven. I now practice the Craft mostly in secret, especially from my family. I know it's probably not the best thing to do and karma may come back to get me, but it's the only way I can really practice without my parents trying to.. I don't really want to know what they would do. In any case, I still consider myself a faithful Christian, and witchcraft is just a new aspect of my life. Anyway, besides that, I'm a pretty kind person, so don't be afraid to message me. :) I'm only 15-years-old, but without trying to sound boastful, I would consider myself fairly mature. I can be serious when necessary, but also playful and fun at times. I think I have a slight internet addiction, but only because it's such a helpful tool! I love nature; the earth is such a beautiful and marvelous place. Autumn is probably my favourite season; it's cool, but not freezing, the leaves are changing, wind is blowing, it's harvest time, it's the time of Samhain, and the whole season just feels magickal to me. I'm a vegan for ethical, ecological, and animal cruelty reasons. I love knowing that no creature had to die for the sake of my appetite. I love theatre and I'm looking forward to performing in my school's musical. I've played the piano since 1st grade, and this year started singing in the choir. I'm apparently a better singer than I thought and I'm looking forward to advancing in my skills. The paranormal has fascinated me for years. It all started one day when I was at the library and googled ''are ghosts real?'' Turns out they are! One small dream is to perhaps be part of a paranormal team someday. I also have interest in training to become a psychic medium. I live in Minnesota in the United States where it's very cold and snowy during the winter! I do find it a pretty nice place to live, though. I like being able to experience every season to it's fullest. I could go on explaining myself for quite a while, but I suppose that should be sufficient, ha! :) Blessed Be, Kevin ~~~ Christian Witch Poem: by Adelina St. Clair I am a Christian Witch, a walking contradiction. I cast circles and design spells of burning incense and gemstones bright, I follow the teachings of Jesus, his message of love and compassion My guides are the angels, the saints, the warrior women of the Torah, the Myrrh-bearers and the holy Trinity, My cup and cauldron are the Holy Grail My herbs of worship are frankincense and myrrh The four archangels guard my elemental gates My scriptures are the Bible and the Gnostic gospels My mythology are the genesis and the parables My guardian angel is my spirit guide My God is the breath of life from which all things in the tree of life flow I celebrate the Christian aspects of the Sabbats I celebrate the Pagan aspects of the Christian Holy Days I practice what is forbidden by the officials of my Church I attend mass I am priestess of my rituals I believe in the blessed sanctity of the earth and the heavens I believe in the beauty of men/women's spirituality I am not a bible waving, proselytizing fanatic "An ye harm none, do what you will will be the whole of the law." "Love your neighbor as yourself will be your new commandment."