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Name: dracoman666
Birthday: May 7 1996
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I'm dracoman666, draco, dracoman, or as some people know me, TarotSpirits.
I am an atheistic wiccan. I am 18, married, a bi-romantic asexual and mature for my age.
I have been studying wicca for roughly 4/5 years, and have been practising for the past year.
I have an Etsy shop, which you can message me for details of. I sell cheap pentacle pendants and Tarot readings.
I have experience with Tarot reading, scrying and using a pendulum. I am also an empath.
I generally write my own spells/rituals. I really don't care for pre-written ones. I'm on this site more for the social aspect, so feel free to mail me.
If you try and tell me that you can break the laws of physics, I probably won't believe you, unless you can provide unquestionable proof.