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Name: Vaalkyree
Birthday: Apr 1990
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"In the fell clutch of circumstance I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance my head is bloody but unbowed." "The world is a comedy to those who think; a tragedy to those who feel." DISCLAIMER: I'm probably more likely to be up for a lively conversation if you've actually read my profile as I took the time to put it up here. I don't mean every single word. But scan over it maybe and see if anything there's something we have in common or you're interested in that strikes up a better conversation than "hey". Hello, you may call me Vaal. I am a perfectly normal 20 year old human worm baby. Okay so no one is normal. I'm a wee-bitty lil thing... short, 5 feet tall to be exact. I have bright green eyes and have waist length white blond hair (unless I'm going through a hair dye binge as I am right now). It would appear that many people dont care to know what my beliefs are or what I study but for those of you who do, heres a rough idea. I try to study as much as possible about theology and spirituality but I am very naive on the matter and not afraid to admit so. I aim to continue learning. I guess I dont have a solid specific set of traditions to stand behind as I try to study many things and understand all viewpoints. I do use runes in a lot of what I do. I can read and write in them which has been more useful than I originally believed it would be. I study a lot of Celtic traditions I guess partially out of loyalty to my heritage. I associate myself most with fire, not merely because my "sign" says I should but its always drawn immense amounts of energy to me. I have a natural talent for foresight which starts to decay almost the instant I stop practicing so I decided long ago to not let that happen. In the past I've had problems as not just a mere empath, but as someone who absorbs too much emotion and energy from others just by proximity. It used to feel as if I could feel other's emotions, thoughts, and intent leaking into my own. It happens often but I've learned to cope with it and deal with the surplus of energy in semi-healthy ways. I know a little about a lot of things and it seems I have a natural talent for foresight. I don?t believe magic is white or black but rather in that indescribable grey area. As far as teachers and teaching is concerned I think everyone has something to offer and everyone has the capacity to learn infinitely. My last teacher was undeniably an old soul and a kindred spirit. I was fortunate to have learned the things I did from him that I did, mostly about myself. I would love to find another who can help open my eyes to new concepts and ideas. I practice self control above all else. I believe in order to achieve my goals I must diligently train my mind. I'm extremely high energy as is to be expected with fire signs. Yes, I am an Aries and stubborn to a fault. I used to train in MMA at Marc McFann's Academy of Martial Arts and I loved it. Sadly I moved for about a year and couldn't continue. I plan on starting back sometime soon. Outdoorsy activities keep me sane. Things like hiking, rockclimbing, swimming, biking, and just running around in the park with friends makes me just about happier than anything. I'm also somewhat of a rave kid I guess you could say. I love my fests. Wakarusa this past year was excellent. Made a few new friends at Technophilia. My area's solstice celebration wasn't too shabby this year either. My taste in music is truly varied. To list everything would take ages. A quick run through my itunes and here are just a few of my favorites so you get the idea... ACDC Acid Bath Acumen Nation Aerosmith Afterdark Alexisonfire Alice Deejay Ani DiFranco Aphex Twin Arcade Fire Armin Van Buren As I Lay Dying Atreyu Attack! Attack! August Burns Red Augustana AutoErotique Bar9 Basshunter BassNectar The Beatles Beck Ben Folds Benga Billy Idol The Birthday Massacre Black Dahlia Murder Black Sabbath Blackout Crew Blessthefall Blink 182 The Blood Brothers Blood On The Dance Floor Bloody Beetroots Boards of Canada Bob Dylan Bob Marley Bonobo Borgore The Bravery Breathe Carolina (shut up! I'm aloud to indulge) Bright Eyes (Oh how I love Bright Eyes) Bring Me The Horizon BrokenCyde Cannibal and the Headhunterz Caspa Chase & Status Chasing Shadows The Chemical Brothers The Cinematic Orchestra Coki Coldplay Cookie Monsta Counting Crows Cragga The Cranberries Crookers Crystal Method (YUSSSS) Cursive Daft Punk (!!!) Dagda Damien Marley The Darkness Datsik (Listen to "Against The Machines. Do it.) David Bowie Deadmau5 Deathcab For Cutie Deftones DHT Digital Mystikz Dir En Grey Dirty Heads DJ Caffiene DJ Hatcha DJ Isaaz DJ Kosmik DJ Kromestar Does It Offend You, Yeah? The Doors Dopestars Inc. Dowlink The Dresdon Dolls Drop Dead, Gorgeous Dropkick Murpheys Druley Dub FX Electric Valentine Elliot Smith Emmure Enigma Enya Excision The Exit Finch Fiona Apple Flobots Flogging Molly Florence and the Machine Flyleaf Forever the Sickest Kids Franz Ferdinand From First to Last The Gazette A Good Fight (A local band) Greatful Dead Gravity Kills Greely Estates Green Day Guns N Roses Gym Class Heroes HIM Handshakes & Highfives Haste The Day Headhunterz Himsa HOllywood Undead Hot Hot Heat I Am Abomination I See Stars I Set My Friends On Fire Imperative Reaction In Fear & Faith ... okay so I like a lot of music. Maybe I'll finish weeding out my itunes list sometime when I'm bored. I write a lot, or at least try to. It seems like it comes and goes. I love books but can't ever finish one in any decent amount of time. I'm just too hyperactive to sit put for very long. A few of my favorites (books/authors) include: Feed Catcher In The Rye (cliche) A Million Little Pieces Prozac Nation Girl Interrupted Requiem For A Dream All HP Lovecraft All Edgar Allan Poe Most David Sedaris such as Holidays On Ice and Barrel Fever Bukowski HENRY ROLLINS (I love that sicko) Grapes of Wrath George Orwell Judika Illes Aaaand I'm currently reading Good Omens. Death before dishonor.