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Hello everyone! My name is Alex, but if it's easier to remember, you can call me Jupiter. Also, not a girl. Please use they/them pronouns! I am 17 years old, my star sign is a Leo, and I am an eclectic Wiccan. I started studying Wicca and Witchcraft at age 10, but wasn't truly serious about it until I was around 12 years old. I would love to try and help if you have a question about a ritual or spell, though I do not teach and will not preform one for you. When I was little (about 3-7 years old) I would often be cared for by my grandma. She was a very spiritual Christian, and would often do palm or tarot readings on others (she would sometimes have strangers come in to have their reading done by her). She would always encourage me to 'predict' that something would happen, usually how much mail she got or if anyone had called her that day. She is the reason why I have embraced magick and if it weren't for her, I wouldn't be on this wonderful path I am on now. ~My practices include, but are not limited to; Meditation Psychic protection (warding, banishing, shielding) Healing magick (crystals, oils, herbs, energy) Divination (Pendulum, Scrying, Tarot) Chakras Faerie magick Spellwork