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BE SURE TO CHECKOUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL: MIDNIGHTMOONLIGHT7. IF YOU WOULD LIKE ME TO DO A VIDEO ON SOMETHING SPACIFIC, EITHER MAIL ME ON HERE, YOUTUBE, Or FaceBook AND I WILL DO THE VIDEO TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITIES! :) AND CHECK OUT MY WEBSITE! ITS ALL UP THERE NEXT TO MY PHOTO! ITS A WEBSITE FOR TAROT READINGS, AURA READINGS, AND MEDICAL INTUITIVE READINGS! YOU CAN ALSO PURCHASE A BOOK OF SHADOWS THAT I WILL PERSONALIZE FOR YOU. OR YOU CAN BUY A WAND THAT I WILL ALSO PERSONALIZE FOR YOU! My name is Charlie. I am 19 years old. Iv been practicing wicca/paganism for about 7 years now but iv been learning all about Wicca/Paganism all my life, i just started considering myself a practicioner 7 years ago. I am very serious about my beliefs and do not like to be judged by them, so please dont judge me. I do believe in the three fold rule and i do follow the wiccan rede and the witches pyramid. i rarely do spells because i believe that spells should be used as a last resort to problems and when i do use them i will only use good spells and i will only use a spell on someone else if i have their permission. I believe in summerland and that when you die you can either choose to be reincarnated or stay back and guide other people. If you have any questions about my beliefs feel free to ask. I love to talk to people and help people. Some people call me midnight (short for midnightmoonlight which is my youtube name) feel free to call me anything you want as long as its nothing negative. my gifts: I have been reading tarot cards for about 4 years. I am able to see and read auras. i am very sensitive when it comes to communicating with spirit. I am working on astral projection but havent fully perfected it. If you have any questions about anything just ask.I LOVE TO HELP EVERYONE! blessed be )o(