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Defense Spells

A vinegar to not catch a plague.
A protection spell.
This Spell is for revenge purposes only. Do not cast this spell on an innocent person, but only on someone who has wronged by you.
Protects you from bad luck, negativity etc.
This is a spell that you may use with different elementals to cast a circle or cleanse an area. You may also use this as a recipe for a cleansing spray.
This is a spell that will heal the effects of any curse (except karma!)
To stop gossip.
Protection against a psychic attack.
This spell will help wife pacify her husband despot and rowdy.
This is a spell to cure a cold, or prevent it. Thyme is a herb that is associated with the ability to cure colds or congestion, and can thus be harnessed to prevent colds, or at least diminish them.
This spell is the most power full wiccan spell ever written. It is used to summon Abaddon the great demon.
This spell will conjure a bright spark. Take great care, as it can easily ignite wood.
Forces evil demons, evil, spirits, ect. or causes them pain if they don't move.
A powerful spell that invokes the elements to protect you from harm.It really works based on me,family & friends who used it
this is a mantra meant for difficult times like the present day world,,,extremly powerful,,,this is guru rinpoche's mantra..
This is an ancient arabic spell used by Saracens when they were fighting the Roman Empire and the Persian Empire . It is considered to be the strongest defense spell known in the arab world
This is a spell of my own designee. it takes the casters current energy and much like a blood trans fusion replaces your energy with that of the moons. This is extremely useful because it can amplify y
A strong protection spell which works only in the presence of sun light.
A nice little amulet. Specially formulated for ease of school. Great for the first day of school.
call on your ancestors to protect and banish evil or good.
call on your ancestors
A chakra is defined as ‘one of the spiritual energy centers of the human body. Each chakra has specific physical, psychological and spiritual characteristics associated to each point. These chakras, or
Summon the two great sons of monkland, these two will protect you when harmed or threatened.
Keeps you safe while you are near it.
This spell calls for the protective power of the Angels. More specifically 3 Angels.
Protects from fears, bad dreams and negative spirits.
Calls your guardian angel to protect you.
Use this spell to summon a animal follower, mythical or real. Don't tell a human though!!!
This is a test spell to summon an animal to you.
To gain requested traits of the animal in question.
There are two chants. One is for you and the other is for someone you love.
Use this spell to guard yourself against evil spirits.
Makes you see invisible stuff.
Summons the archangel Michael to help you in any means possible.
Ask for protection to archangel Micheal
My first spell to create magical armor.
Protect yourself as well as increase your stamina strength and will. Note this is protection in a spiritual sense not from actual physical danger.
A short spell that works best in dark places or at night. This spell makes "bad" people less aware of your presence and gives you a minimum of protection against other spell. I don't recommend it again
to protect you threw the day from evil and any ill will.
Too keep all evil away from you , protects you from hexes , evil demons , spirts, bad and negative energys ,and all evil forces,etc. suppose too protected you for life.
This simple protection spell is one of the easiest spells that could be performed to ward off evil spirits and bad energies.
This defensive spell will work only on a full moon.
Uses your aura and others near you to create a barrier.
Create/Summon usable weapons made of your aura.
This is an average demon blessing it has power and is very useful.
From: Llewellyn: 2012 Witches' Spell A Day Almanac. It gets rid of a curse.
Brick-Dust symbolizes a wall and is used to make a very powerful selective barier that will only allow spirits/entities of good intentions to cross.
This is a simple meditation based spell to protect from negative energy and to help protect from minor hexes.
I have read several publications about witches today being murdered for the mere practice of witchcraft, or even suspicion thereof. This is only to be chanted or even to be read for idealistic purposes
You know, the title? ONLY TO BE USED IN DEFENSE!
Bad things will happen to bad people who you chose.
Only for ghosts and demons, never try and banish a human being. This is as simple as a banishing spell can come.
This spell is to banish an evil being, spirit, etc. Be creative with this, but do not use unnecessarily.
This spell is used in order to get rid of or banish a spirit.
To banish a succubus you have summon.
This spell works for most demons 99% of the time.
Banish evil spirits, or cleanse a room of negative energy.
This is a spell to lift all holyness from you and replace it with unholy.
This spells can be performed on any moon phase and will work to rid you of any negative or bad energies.
Disclaimer: this spell should cause the person you cast it on to have nightmares then leave town. Now since this is for a book I haven't actually tried it out as I don't have anyone to curse. That also
Are you having issues at your home?Well then this is the perfect spell for you!I have tested it on some friends whom where having trouble at home and found out it was an evil spirit and withing a day e
A quick and painless spell to banish the people who you do not like.
Sometimes you need to banish those negative energies and bad spirits... this will help.
A spell to banish Lucifer morning star
This is a spell to use when satan is trying to tempt you. It does not banish satan from your mind forever, but will keep him away for some time.
This spell banishes anything you want to banish it is very powerful but it depends on the casters ability of how potent it will be.
To stop another person from bothering you.
This will banish a spirit or negative energy from your home
Banish dark energies. Notes it will banish evil spirits just change energy to spirit or demon.
Banish negativity from others that enter your space.
A banishing spell
this is a spell/ritual to banish someone from your life. I created this spell because a story that I was writing needed it. I have not used it so I don't know if it will work or not so please message m
This is designed to banish any evil spirit. I have used it 4 times now and it has always worked.
Creates a protective barrier around yourself.
This spell is used to ward off demons and stop weak spells.
To summon a dragon to protect yourself from harm.
use this spell to protect an area from severe harm.
An easy way to protect yourself quickly, no ingredients needed.
A basic protection spell.
Basic pryokinesis skills.
A spell to protect a certain area or living space.
The bastard tree, A.K.A. West Indian Elm, can allegedly break any spell that any human can create.
This allows you to be protected by the Egyptian goddess Bast depending on the the time (day or night) you will be protected by one of her forums a roaring lion(day) a black panther (night).
This spell willl make you calm of all tensions.
I use this spell when playing games like Man Hunt or Hide-and-Seek Tag. It makes yourself unnoticeable to others.
This spell will free you from Illuminati.
This spell gets rid of negitive energys and infuinces of your mind.(exe. hate, nervousness, embarrassment.)
A short Broom chant to cast out evil in the home.
Satanic prayer.
This spell will restrain the human from causing harm to them self or those around them.
What this spell does is trap the persons powers to harm until the stop what they are doing.
This is a spell to bind together everyone in that said circles magic.
This spell will bind someone from doing harm to others.
This spell is a Black magic spell if your definition of Black magic is any magic which involves Controlling ones Free will and useing your will to over power others. If your definition of Black magic i
This spell is a Black magic spell if your definition of Black magic is any magic which involves Controlling ones Free will and useing your will to over power others. If your definition of Black magic i
A spell to bind others from causing you, or another, from causing pain and suffering.
A spell to stop someone from doing harm to themselves
makes you win basketball games every time.
If you are being attacked and need to do something fast but havent got enough time to recite a spell then this is perfect for you, it sends a sudden blast of air from your stomach to your enemys.
Well, It is a simple spell. It is to try to make sure no harm goes to someone or something for a while.
This spell will bless a totem or an item, you can bless it for protection, healing, luck, things like that. This is something I learned from my ancestors who are Dakota Sioux
Use for an easy blessing spell.
Blessing for beginners.
Its a spell I read about in a book. I'm not sure if it works but I think if you get it right it dose.
A spell to block a attack.
This blocks any hex or bad luck from you.
Blow someone away with the wind of defence. Use only for defence in magical duels only, please.
Top dispell angry feelings and negativity towards you.
Bless and protect your book of shadows or grimore
To bless your Book of Shadows
A spell to break a curse or a spell upon you.
Exactly what it says.
This is how you break a love spell that someone put on you it works trust me I used it first hand.
This is to break the powers of a spell.
This spell is useful if you feel that a curse/hex has been placed upon you.
A Geis is is an individual taboo, whether of obligation or prohibition, similar to being under a vow or spell. Not many people, let alone druids, can still cast a Geis - though, when dealing with Druid
his ritual helps you to break the power of any spells that is casted on you!
will release the powers of demons and anger on your victims.
For revenge: bring out the worst in someone.
This spell will help you call in a demon to do your bidding, but it is at a price so be careful as each demon will have a different price for you to pay.
This spell is to call the light in times when you feel that your life is being ruled by darker forces.
This spell is to call upon one of the four elemental moon dragons for protection, guidance, wisdom, strength etc.
Summons the Archangel into Being, Through natural selection and survival of the fittest for that given situation at hand. Angels are just like Demon Kind - The Possession is Subtle. You Don;t Even Real
Repeat 2 times only in times when you need help and or protection.
This spell will grant you protection from elemantals.
This spell gives you 0 bad dreams.
You can bless a candle so it protects you until it burns out.
You'll need to set this breaking spell out on a table or altar space that won't be disturbed for the duration of the spell.
A spell to help protect a room or house
This spell protects you
This is a spell that casts a protective circle of energy around the caster so that the caster may be protected without being disrupted.
This spell will cast a protective circle wherever you desire.
a personally developed circle to draw elemental energy for protection and/or casting as a variation of the traditional pentagram in making a sacred space.
Protect your home with the power of the pentacle.
Turns them into a cat and they live forever. Until curse is broken.
This has been used by all the Witches in my Family and was one of the first spells written in my Family Book of Shadows
This spell will make you see everything like a cat. If you like cats this spell is just for you.
The master weapons of earth.
The ancient weapons will be yours and yours only used for good.
Keeps unwanted things to enter through windows/door ways or anything you can think of.
I can see people's fate. And if there life is in danger I do this spell
Change your parents into a hampster or your enemy into a toad whatever this spells is for you.
Charges a wand. Best done at midnight during a full moon.
A spell to be safe from evil spirits that are around you.
Charm a necklace for protection against evil spirits and negative energies.
This is a quick and easy spell way to make a protective amulet.
This is a protection spell.
This was thought to me by a former teacher of mine, and can be done by anyone. It requires meditation.
Need peace and harmony? Just pray this Cheyenne Indian prayer.
Spell to utilize psychic Chi to deflect psychic forces.
Ward off evil spirits for as long as you live.
Protect you and you beloved ones from the harm of evil spirites, black magic, and from all evil. Works only when you are scared or when you feel evil near you.
Keeps you protected from bad luck and general negativity. May also lessen the effects of the threefold law.
This spell increases your power for a short period of time.
A prayer to protect you from thurses.
Vajrasattva is a Buddhist bodhisattva who will purify you. He is merciful and will cleanse you of all evil and protect you. When he is angry, he will become his powerful wrathful form, Vajrapani. He is
Cleanse your soul of negativity affecting you. This spell will not get rid of problems like friends or ex's this spell will directly cleanse your soul of evil. You may cast this soul cleansing to wash
This spells is used to keep the negative energies/spirits at bay. This spells does not repel them completely but simply weakens their strength for some time.
This would rip off the mask of your enemy. Unknown and known. It reveals intention.
These are especially good measures to take when moving into a new place, beginning.
This spell is used to create a clone.
An incantation to close your mind against outside influence. This incantation allows you to protect your thoughts against anyone attempting to read or influence them without your consent.
to defend yourself or your spirit from incoming attacks.
Do before a difficult spell to strengthen concentration and reduce chance of backfire.
If one is ever attempting to cast a spell on you, this is the remedy: A very powerful counter spell.
This spell is used to summon up vapor monsters and animals.
This spell is a grey magic spell that will conjure the strong blowing winds.It can be cast when fighting with your enemies.
Spell to control an element of your choice. I tried it and it works!
Helps with enegry manipulation and energy balance
This spell helps control the wind near you. You can also make it a protection shield (I did). Trust me I was about to be stabbed by a robber but when I used the spell as a protection the robber didn't
This helps you learn to control the wind.
Control wind
A spell to break spells cast upon you.
Stops a hex or curse and hurts the sender spiritually so bad it becomes physical. Uses an athame or sharp knife with a cutting motion at the entry of main door way. Then walk three times around home.
Spell to reverse a curse.
To create a little magickal talisman to kick off your spiritual growth.
This is not a spell but a process. It tells you how to make a ring which will protect you from any spirits you don't want to be with you gives you a power back up.
How to create an angel which will help and guide you.
A spell that enhances limits to bring one to there full potential.
Use this spell to help aide in curing or healing someone.
This will put a curse on a person for as long as you want.
You pretty certain someone is touching your things? This spell puts a curse on your personal items!
Having bad luck? Do good luck spells not work for you? Here's your spell!
Use this to break any curse
A spell to break a curse/hex and return to sender or to break a physic attack.
This will break a curse that has been set upon you.
If you want revenge. Try this.
To protect you from curses and hexes.
Creates a sphere of blackness. While this spell is in effect, no light can enter.
This spell draws darkness in.
For those who wish to be at peace with the darker side of the Universe, or those who simply want to find inner peace in a new way.
This is a spell you use on them to make them feel sad and have no meaning.
Summon a Dark soul- Black form that appears at night.
This spell causes someone to have a terrible day that is chaotic and painful.
If someone you hate is bothering you a bit too much, use this spell and you will never see them again.
The spell name says it all.
This potion is meant to cause death.
If you have access to any personal article of the offender, this will help.

Can get rid of the part of the soul that has none human aura.
Decie; A Spell that casts a magical unbreakable shield.
this is a spell that causes people to start eating brocoli.
your enimies will get hit in the head by falling nuts where ever thye go even if they arent near a tree.
Only for people who have sensed evil coming.
Only use this spell if you are being attacked!
An Aura manipulation trick to help protect against hexes.
It's easy to do and works well for defense.
A potion to heal and/or protect.
Ask a deity to protect you.
this spell it will banish demons cause in my coven this is what we use to banish demons
This spell will get rid of demons.
This is a spell that will prevent demons and negetive entities from harming you and loved ones being affected by them. It also helps destroy them. But be warned about the destroying part. If you just w
This spell will help you get rid of any unwanted demonic entity's.
This will banish a demon from an area, from you, or from another person. The demon will recognize the words you are saying automatically and try to shut you up, so be sure to memorize the exorcism comp
To banish demons from your sight.
Call upon a demon for protection.
This Ritual bath will grant you the demonic protection. You will obtain a demon guardian to follow you around.
How to manipulate somes shadow into demonic forms that can kill.
This is a spell to help your loved ones be free by demons and curses.
Helps you burdins of the past.
You can use this spell for summoning demons at your enemy and he/she will get hell for as long as you wish! BEWARE FOR THE DEMON WILL COME AFTER YOU IF YOU"RE NOT CAREFUL!!!!
Curse an enemy to fail.
Destroy a summoned succubus demon.
This is an Alchemical spell for obliterating your enemy.
An alchemy spell to bring Destruction upon your Enemy.
A spell to ask God to protect you.
The Divine shield a favorite of mine this techinque is made to as the name implies protect, heal, ward off spirits, negativity, pain etc
You believe in absolutely nothing. You call the spiritual world and let it know you are there and you change your spirit world. WARNING! This Lasts a Lifetime meaning you must change your way of life.
A clay doll will protect you magickal workshop,or just your magickal spot.
make Donald trump or Barack Obama have to go poop so they crap themselves. causing emberale conclusions.
This spell will avoid the teacher to not come to class today.
This spell helps if a batter is at home at home and has two strikes. It only works when the pitchers about to pitch. And you have to repeat.
This spell comes frome the charmed book of shadows so enjoy.
Cast this spell to protect yourself.
This Spell is to Protect and shield Doorways to stop and let anyone or anything that means you harm from crossing the threshold.
This spell protects a door of your choice. It doesn't create a visable shield but makes your door less noticable to others and therefore make them more likely to pass it by.
This barrier will protect you.
Another draconic written curse.
This might work message me if it does.
So you can have a dragon!
Dragons blood is a herb that keep evil spirits away.
This will help you bond with your dragon. It works 100% for me. It is tested.
This spell will allow you to breath your element in a powerful blast.
This spell should only be used by a ki or chi user as it requires concentration and spiritual energy and still ony a few can master it use it to attack or defence it's your choice
This is perfect for starting out in Dragon Magick! Use this spell to call dragons to your aid.
If there is a bully that starts to beat you up on your street, be prepared! This quick and easy spell requires nothing but a connection to the astral dragons.
How to find your dragon guardian.
How to collect and bless water for your magickal work with the Water Dragon Sairyan
A spell to summon the power of a dragon.
A spell to summon the armor of a dragon.
Get the senses and reflexes of a dragon for 24 hrs.
After harnessing a dragons power, you need to start with a good defensive technique. (Reference My Dragon Energy Summoning Spells)
This spell gives you the sight of a dragon to avoid your enemies. it takes someone with some psychic abilities to cast it.
Rock dragon summoner.
Get wiccans closer to you, if you need protection, or feel that they are needed.
To protect you from your biggest fears when you are dreaming.
Earth Armor
Simple earth protection spell
Makes pieces of earth fall like rain.
The Title
No chanting, ingredients, or anything! Really simple and easy!!
An easy psi ball. Note:Shaping is very hard.
Need an army wiped out? this one is for you.

This is the very same technique used by the angel of death, Edchael Vimtoloch when she took down the Assyrian army in the defense of Israel.
Summons Egyptian protection.
Mentally Attack your enemy's with all four elements
This spell will help protect you from negative energy and spirits and enhance your ability to do spells.
To protect yourself with the spiritual elements.
Make an elemental armor.
Keeps the Elements in sync with you.
This will keep all of your enemies from hurting you. I just started using this oil as a protection spell, too. If you feel like you are dieing, use this spell to keep whoever is making you feel bad mov
This doesn't look like much but it is a very good spell for protection in an emergency. The image is like an image of a pagan god for protection, hense the name Jude, the guy who killed Jesus.
This spell will allow you to enchant an object/clothing (preferably a ring or necklace) to give you good luck while you are around it.
Enchant rocks, coins, jewelry, etc
Make someone move far, far away.
Its a energy blade.
This is to poison your enemies chakra and will help if the enemy is trying to steal yours.
This potion will fill you with tons of energy, perfect for a race, or anytime.
A very good combat spell / technique
it well let you be able to see a picture frozen in time of something about to happen soon
Everyone has someone they treasure, but you can't always be there to protect them: this is a way to protect them.
To be said while moon gazing at night.
A spell to erase the evil that you've created.
An easy chant to banish a spirit.
Wards evil
This spell will allow to give you revenge on a certain person.

I'm not sure if this will work, but I'm trying it soon.
Say this spell 3 times, whoever's name is on the blank line will then be protected from harm until the next full moon.
lots of concentration
Stronger will and courage
Positive beliefs of bhusara and brahma
Feel no pain
incense burner x6 (sit by the wall,
A simple way to create a long lasting thoughtform.
This allows you to call on the deceased in your family to sheild you.
Tell me if it works
An easy spell to be protected from evil spirits and other evil entities.
Although it already sounds like a waste of time this allows you to think of a eye (preferably red) that allows you to instantly change how you look at something for example if somebody has pummbled you
An easy spell to find where someone is or their basic fellings
These are 3 ways to find out what your Guardian Animal is. I know the first one works because that is what I did.
Fire breathers are dangerous. Use this to become one.
This spell gives you the power to have fire in your hands.
This will stop all fire from touching you.
This spell can give you infernal skills.
Use this spell to make fire do your bidding.
Conjure a death flame.
Summon flames.
Make a flaming ki ball.
Reverse a spell been put on you from either White or Black Magic. This spell will break any curse, protection, binding or charm put on you.
This spell makes the powers of flowers kill your enemy.
This spell will send the flu a way.
This spell is a ritual. It will help you focus your energy into the item better.
A spell to protect from any unwanted presence.
Makes some one forget you.
This spell protects your form even more then one form.
Banish someone from entering your house.
This spell will free you from your emotional pain which can be good for the empath at work or someone that lives with sensors.
There's many versions of this spell, I believe because it works so well. This is my version, it's only for use if someone is harming you or someone else. It does not harm the target, merely prevents th
This is a prayer to the moon for protection.
Give your enemy an entity a horrible existence.
This is a simple but effective binding that can be applied to a person to prevent them from performing any action you believe they need to stop.
This will help you get rid of a bully.
This spell will take an evil person and not kill him/her just put them in a far far place of which they can't do harm.
If you have demons in your room or house this will work.
This spell is one that I made up myself in a time of desperation. I had to get the demon out of my house but didn't know how so I attempted to make up a spell. ( The more people the more effective the
We have all had that moment when people have overstayed their welcome and don’t have the good sense to get up and leave. Here is a surefire way to get them up and out the door.
Fed up with someone? Get your revenge!
This simple powder will divert unwelcome ghosts and spirits when placed in their path.It is best done when the moon is waning.
The spell to give you the speed of Gimthenadite.
This will give someone karma for 3 weeks
Are you new and just found and wand? Are are you looking for a new wand and need its power to activate? Well just follow these steps and you wand will be beaming with magick in no time!
This spell is to help ward off evil when you are asleep, or to protect you or a child you pray it for. Just make your intention on who it is for clear before you say the prayer (only if it is for someo
Protection from nightmares.
This spell will call upon the gods and goddess to aid in your will to remove someone from your life.
You are recreating your life for more power and wisdom. Take note. Seriously! No switching up!
Make a super golem.
Gives you good grades.
Give yourself the gift of luck
Mince in all situations just like accedents and deadly events its ancient spell old spell dead ages spell that work with any requirements
This spell will make sure only good spirts are allowed in a room of your choice.
A handy concoction to banish unwanted energy or demons/hell hounds away and keep at bay.
A spell to create a seal that should protect your Grimoire or Book of Shadows from evil spiritual beings.
A simple-to-do technique for grounding.
Have a guardian angel to protect you!
It is a supreme servitor guard fore thus how like dangerous things.
It's a spell designed to give you guidance, in paths, choices, your life.
This is the counter curse for dark pulse.
Just a few Hex antidotes to cast off various typed of hexes.
Experience Magick Users Only-This may backfire and cause severe problems. This is just a harming spell to use any time.
This is a rather simple spell and it always works for me.... I seem to have a lot if enemies! This is not a death spell but you may change it and make it one if you would like.
How to use your powers if your a Demi-god
This spel Will Get you more power/magic
This will give you more stamina and possibly speed in about 4 minutes.
This will make your enemy have a terrible nightmares.
This will give make you powerful.
This is a spell meant to aid in healing a cut or bruise.
Will help heal most illnesses, and Protection from demons and such.
Say: "sana vulnere" However many times felt needed. Pronounced san - a vul -neer - ee Hand over wound imagining healing energies.
This spell is going to help hopefully mend and heal your broken heart. I know it seems silly using magik to help get over this (btw this is PERSONAL GAIN!!) But if you do go out with the spell think of
This is a spell that will have the lord protect you.
It, if cast correctly, summons magickal lightning from heaven and black fire from hell. It is wise to contact spirits with high experience and knowledge to get their advice on casting it.
If you want to walk away from curses, bullying, and harassment so as to succeed this is the spell for you.
A binding spell to prevent and punish those who wish you harm.
This spell is intended to add extra protection to you personally, not your home like the two spells above. The exact amounts of the herbs are up to you.
A Gris-Gris Bag for protection.
For demons or ethereal beings of a stronger sort. This is a trusted banishment method that has been used by my coven to eliminate the presence of very harsh demons and spectral beings that were strong
Cast a holy bubble of protection around you.
Purify anything.
This is a spell that worked well for me, that I made for the purpose of cleansing the House of Negative energy.
Get revange on the people that cause harm.
Protects your home from any sort of evil.
A pretty simple spell to bless your home.
Used to cleanse and bless a dwelling
To bless the home in the name of Satan and Lucifer or either one.
This spell creates a safe boundary around it so no negative magic or mystic energies will get inside.
This spell is from the book:
Crones book of magical words
By: Valerie Worth
this spell will make you a amazon like wonder woman
Do a quiz on your spiritual symbol. (It helps)
A spell to bless a pen.
This is how to conjure weapons, armor, and allies while lucid dreaming to send your nightmares into Oblivion.
This is a spell to get you any powers, but you can only choose 3.
this will allow you to go super saiyan.
this will allow you to go super saiyan.
This is a method I use to get what I want. It has never failed and works
Will make a good luck charm.
Something I came up with after meditation...
A spell to summon forth eternal fire
It makes goofer dust which can trap or ward demons kill enemies and cast other spells.
Learn how to create your own protective bracelet with easy-to-obtain ingredients. You can personalize these to make them more for strength, healing, power, protection, and whatever else you can think o
It gives you a armor of energy that takes on the form of a humanoid but is wrapped around you. It's the ultimate offense and defense.
Can be done around any house, building or residence to protect against natural disasters, storms, and terrorist threats.
It makes you much stronger against them that you may even fatally injure them. This is NOT a spell of black magic, as you are only defending yourself. I created this spell and it has always worked for
Will protect you and those around you from minor forms of hypnosis for one day.
This will teach you how to hypnotize someone.
A spell to get ice powers.
Summon a bow which is connected to your soul. Whatever you want the bow to do (teleport, fire arrow etc).
This is a small incantation that you can repeat when you feel unsafe.
Something to chant if you feel something is attacking your psychic barrier.
A prayer to the star Alkaid ( Ursa Majoris) to cause someone misfortune.
This is a spell that I myself use quite often.
Can't stand nozy people next to you figuring out who you are just because they are psychic? Well this will keep that gate closed.
What do you want other people to think? Make them think it!
Someone beingg cruel for no reason? Give them what they deserve by pushing their karma faster towards them.
Increase your intuition.
Another invisibility spell.
Makes you invisible for how long you want.
Truth be an elusive spirit that chooses to whenever possible to remain hidden. Truth will not come readily when called nor remain long. The following incantation can be used to summon up Truth on a sin
For those of you who don't know who Rind is, she is the rokkr Etin lady of ice and by Odin mother of Vali. She is not evil just because she a giantess. Invoke her to banish evil.
You call upon the power invested in you by the Illuminati to fire a triangular blast of energy.
just say it
The title says it all! Summon an army of jelly beans.
This is a spell to protect jewish people.
This is a spell to punish wrongdoings done to you by somebody else. Use only if you need it.
tokyo ghouls kagune's coming to life with this spell/ritual!~ good luck
Did you ever want to know karate?! Well if you did this spell is right for you. It will help your mind and body process the martial art in a short period of time.
To get a Bully to feel the pain he/she inflicts
Say this spell on the night of a full moon at Midnight.
Spell to keep your enemies away.
Keeps danger away.
Use this spell to kill your enemies.
This will kill someone in 5 days
Kill yourself when you are dead.
This is the way to absorb Ki its like Ki armor just weaker and easier to perform
To stop a spell that has been cast on/against you.
Finally I have decided to release a very dark enity. His name is Kramon used to be an angel but has fallen from heaven. His main manifest is a black shadow headgehog carries a cythe. He'll only protect
A powerful spell for making of spear of hell fire. Pierces trough anything with soul and takes it into astral plane to the point of inmprisoning. Use with extreme caution. (Spell needs some expensive
This spell will create a burst of wind to protect you or even push away an enemy.
It's supposed to make your spell casts stronger.
This spell is to break and jinx,hex, or curse you think or know was placed on you.
This spell creates a weak force-field around the caster.
An easy blessing for minor objects. Good for new demons or for starting magic.
Use this spell to electrocute your enemies.
if your scared then say it to have the darkness flee. i would say it 0ne to 3 times
About Lilith
This spell will protect you from lions. And allows you to control them.
This will turn you into my speicies (im part lion) this will help you when you need but if this does not work do not blame me or the lion spirits. It depends if the person doing the spell is capable of
A shield using your element in the form of an energy leach to guard you.
A spell to make your names longer. Warning: this spell works only for one nail at a time, so you'll have to repeat it for each nail you want longer.
Gives you luck when you need it. Try it out!
Stone can help for healing and luck!
This is not a spell but a protection against evil and dark.
This spell is to bless your magic spell books.
Make a magical dream catcher to help keep away bad dreams.
Use this to bind someone from hurting others and themselves.
Everything you can cast a magick circle with.
This spell can block holy unholy and magic weapons.
Makes your power rise and provides you a shield that attracts positivity and good luck.
Create Consecrated Water For Use In Spells
To cast evil eye upon someone
This is a three times three spell to use on people who were corrupt in their ways. It has no negative consequence unless you think ill of the person while casting the spell.
Focus and make your spells more effective.
Anyone reciting her mantra will be cured of black magic, sickness, hexes, and curses. Her mantra will also protect you from all evil, sickness, curses, and black magic.
This ancient mantra is very effective. It is used to call upon the divine goddess Kali Used for seeking the primordial mother's blessings and asking her to bestow upon the person power.
This is an attack spell, only use if you are being attacked. It should store energy in the rings every time you move your arm.
This spell helps you control any type of matter you know gas liquid and solid message me if it works for you because it worked for me
Latin spell to make someone forget what happened in the last 24 hours.
This spell protects you from harm. Michael, the Archangel is invoked in this spell to help keep you safe.
Mind Control is that of being able to control, animals, larger ones, and humans.
The purpose of this spell is to shield your mind from any and all mental invasions from other witches. If performed correctly you will be safe from any: intrusions of the mind, attempts at mind reading
This is an all-around protection spell, but it can be modified with intent to specific situations. It can be applied to yourself, another person, or an entire household.
Spell to make things that are inflicted on you by an enemy happen to them.
This spell reflects a magic spell/attack
The moon must be full to do this spell.
A simple every-use potion.
This spell is for everything.
To cast the jettatore
A spell to repeat whenever feeling unsafe or feeling a bad presence. This is to be used if the witch has a religious figure or a goddess/ god
It's a little thing I scratched up when I first came onto SoM and have worked on it ever since. It's still prototypical. It protects your name from anyone that isn't allowed to see it so they can't see
This is an extremely useful spell that requires no ingredients but the Circle of Maglatan.
A necklace to wear for protection.
A spell to rid yourself of spiritual tension due to negative energy.
A spell that uses your heart energy to cast a net of health and energy to friends or yourself.
A prayer to the wicca moon goddess.
This spell will keep you safe from others as long as you remain in the fog that you charged.
Allows you to temporarily see in the dark.
A complex spell that will forever cleanse you of bad spirits, and/or nightmares.
This spell creates a stronger shield around the caster than the Lesser Ward.
Bind your soul and life to an object.
If you have a certain object that you’d like to protect, say this spell.
This is the seventh and most spiritual chakra. It encircles a being's wisdom and being one with the universe. When this chakra is open, prejudice disappears from your To Do list, and you seem to become
This spell surrounds your home's land with a charm of protection. The charm will block any small illness, intruder or any person meaning harm. But becareful, there is always an exception to the rule, a
To bless the collar of a pet.
To give your self the power of the pheonix. This will last for 5 moons (5 days).
This works to protect you or whoever you wish it to protect.
Simple way to remove a curse or hex and protect yourself.
This simple potion will expell any malediction of the outer circle. This includes ghosts, imps, and minor fiends.
A power binding reversal spell.
How to conjure an extreemly powerful fire blade...
A ward is somewhat like a shield. Magical attacks only.
It gives you more power for casting magic.
The title says it all.
Prayer for emotional healing.
as the title suggests you use this prayer to gain help from a divine being in cases of danger
Prayer for the Satanic Leader
A spell to protect you against the evils of a witchboard or Ouija board.
This is from grimoire spell. It will give you protection against violent dogs.
This spell keeps things away from you.
EXPELLIARMUS! this spell allows you to shoot a projectile at your target
An easy quick spell to protect a friend.
Use an amulet to protect your friends in times of trouble.
Enchant an item for your loved one. Protect them.
To protect an item. The purity of protection is not the strength but the cleanliness of its protection. You are however going to drink this water so unless you really want to give anyone attacking you
A spell to protect an object you don't want others to touch. .
This spell is to protect a child but can be altered to protect other things and people as well (E.G. a house, a soldier, your parents, your friends, your lovers, your pet)
This spell will protect your home and all who inhabit it.
Palden Lhamo is a powerful female protector. Known as Shri Devi in Sanskrit(not to be confused with Lakshmi who is different), Palden Lhamo is one of the wrathful Buddhist deities. She protects the lam
Protect yourself and your home.
My provided spells are highly powerful. Use this at your own risk. It will provide you protection from all evil things.
A spell that protects friends and others from sprites.
Creates a protection ring around an area of your choosing.
Say it when you feel endangered or scared and it will keep you safe.
It might not work so you can give it to a friend or pet or your self.
This is just a little something to do if you think you might be in danger.
Enchant a necklace for protection
This spell will grant you general protection against negativity and bad luck.
This spell is for anyone who wants to feel safer in life and need some protection.
Protects your body while you Astral Project.
This is a protection spell that really works. It sends away all of the negativity around you and protects you from harm.
This spell protects you from evil.
For blessing or cleansing of a house or a sacred space.
Protection spell for your house.
A basic protection spell
This spell is to protect you or the ones you love from harm
This spell will protect you from spiritual and mind attacks.
It will only protect you from things in the spiritual world.
This is not super strong. Don't go jumping off stuff!
I Do not own this if you know The person who made this let me know so i CAN Credit them.
How to protect yourself against ghosts, witches, demons, etc.
A small amulet to protect from evil!
Use this spell to grant you peace.
It protects you from evil eye.
This spell gives you an invisible Protection Bubble that keeps you safe from negativity and evil.
What the title says. Chant this to protect yourself.
This offers you protection.
To call upon your guardian angels to protect you as long as you have a certain item somewhere in your clothes or on you.
Charm for protection
message me if it works.
This ritual is to be used if you need of protection in your life. This spell cannot be done on the new moon.
this spell work only tempoery but is effective
Not a very strong one,but does not require much magic.
Protect yourself from harm. Only works for seven days.
This is to call an angle to protect you and guide you at night.
This spell will protect you from a person who is threatening you.
Closely related to protection spell are spells to banish malevolent beings (human or otherwise). Use this in such a case.
This spell is from the elvrin people to protect them from black magic.
A very easy spell. It really works.
A spell to keep you safe from unwanted energies
This spell will help prevent bad vibes or energies trying to intervene with your life. It's very easy, but anything can backfire if casted incorrectly.
To protect yourself against someone.
This spell grants basic protection from spirits.
This is a protection chant so you have protection from the goddess.
This spell will protect you from blood thirsty vampires.
Not all hexes are bad. Keep this hidden next to your front door. It will keep all evil away.
Will help ease fear and protect you from evils harm
Protection spell involving snow.
Protects you on your journey.
This spell is one I wrote myself to protect a person.
Protects one from evil spells chants cursesand spiritual harm.
This spell is to be used in conjuction with Aura Shield and an enchanting spell.
Momentarily high protection.
This potion will protect anyone you desire.
Purpose: to protect yourself and/or loved ones from all types of harm.
This potion will help you become protected.
This option can protect you for up to 1 month
With this spell and potion you can enchant any item or items. This is a very powerful thing to do, but it works great.You don't need every ingredient, but it works better. You can do this spell at anyt
This spell displays how to create a ring, that while wearing, will give you protection.
A spell to charge a ring with protection of the wearer. Any questions, go ahead and mail me.
A protection sachet to hang around the home.
This spell is for protection against spells cast against you.
A spell to protect yourself and everybody around you.
Name says it all.
This will protect your house by keeping out any kind of negative energy that might follow you home.
An easy-to-do protection spell that invokes the power of dragons.
Protects you from others power.
Protect you and anyone else from supernatural beings.
This charm will protect you from negative energy and curses aimed at you.
This spell will give you additional protection if you're scared while walking alone at night.
A witch's jar for keeping curses and hexes away.
This spell can only be performed on another, it calls upon a persons guardian angel to protect them from harm.
A short chant for protection.
This charm will keep malevolent spirits at bay
Ice protection spell
Cast a protective shield with this spell.
This spell is an easy protection spell.
This spell gives you the sense of being protected and spirit wolves being able to protect you from physic harm and in magic combat.
This spell will make sure that no one follows you with bad intent.
With this spell you can bless a candle so that it absorbs and backfires all dark spells that target you and/or your household.
A protection spell.
This is a spell to protect your home of evil demons or spirits that could harm you. This is garunteed to work evertime for everyone.
I tried this and I am still waiting for results.
This is to protect your pets from bad diseases, predators, death, etc.
Protect yourself with an amulet. If you have any questions, just message me.
Use your previous knowledge of Psi to make an item EG sword.
This little charm bag is a potent Wiccan protection spell that you should keep on you at all times to protect against psychic attacks or other such phenomenon.
An effective spell to shield yourself.
The spell is used for protection against evil spirits and people you don't want around your home.
A puppet is a doll. It is the shape of a human that is used for magical purposes. They are used in spells to help either you or someone else.
This is a spell that will protect a room and whoever is inside that room. It does tend to fade over time, but the amount of time it takes before it needs to be redone varies from caster to caster.
This spell is a simple way to purify a room of negativity and protect any individuals inside.
The following spell can be used to confound your enemies who would attempt to bring harm into your life. The type of enemy referenced would not be a mortal enemy, but this is the type of enemy who is t
Expelled your hate and trade it for something better: the ability to control fire
This is a quick chant for protection.
A bottle spell that absorbs and traps negative energy.
In a fight and need some protection fast? Do this!
Hoodoo formular to make somebody leave you alone.
Makes you go in rage.
A spell to rebound any curse or binding permanently.
A spell to banish spirits haunting a house.
Releases negative energy and brings in positive energy.
To remove a curse of death from you.
This is basically a spell you use when you feel or know that you are having your life or energy drained away by a Psychic Vampire.
A spell to remove evil/negative energy/spirits from a object.
Removing bad and evil energy from room, house or property.
The spell will instantly cause a shock wave through any element you touch.
This is a spell to send bad vibrations back to thier source.
This spell is to reverse any spell that you may think someone has put upon you
Use this spell to get revenge on someone who has caused you pain and suffering.
This spell gives someone bad luck.
A simple spell to get revenge.
This is a spell to get revenge on anyone. Only people you know, not som users sorry.
If you hate some one , this spell is for you.
Reverses most basic jinxes and hexes. Good for a simple bad luck hex.
To reverse spells cast with candle magick.
This is a spell to reverse a spell that was cast on you.
Use this spell to reverse any harmful magic. This could work to reverse the effects of a spell cast on you or someone else with malicious intent. You can also use this to reverse your own spells (altho
This spell is in two parts. The first half is a reversal, and the second is a request to close a portal.
This spell aims to reverse a spell by an unknown witch. This was originated in some parts of England during the salem trial.
Use this spell to banish evil spirits from around the house.
Got a bad role and want to get ride of it? This is the spell that will fix it.
Get rid of your weaknesses.
This spell uses the power of the light to rid your mind of a thought.
To help remove a bothersome spirit.
A offensive and deffensive spell that cuts warlocks or demonds power by 3/4, and brings them to their knees. This is a Lv.3 spell, recharge after 1 week.
Create a blade to defeat demons and help you in rituals.
This will protect you as you travel elsewhere.
A spell that will make you safe for a day.
Takes you from a dangerous place to a safe place through a portal that you can summon.
a safety circle for small/minimum SPIRITUAL protection.
Keeps the evil spirits away
Simple spell to protect you or others from demons, negative energies, an spirits.
Ghosts from the subtle (spiritual) realm leave black energy on a majority of beings including humans that can create a variety of problems such as depression, unclear thinking or malfunction of an orga
Satanic Prayer Of thanks
A daily ritual you can do that only takes 1 minute. You may have dreams or nightmares about Satan
Satan will help you with a spell.
Basically if you sell your soul to the devil this could save your soul.
This spell will help you say the right thing in a given situation whether you need to help someone or come up with a smart remark
Use this charm for protection.
This is another draconic spell, this is a powerful protection spell.
Gives you greatist scientific base in life and knowledge that no human knows...
to make people stay away from a door
A spell to make you see at night.
This spell is used for cleansing and protection. Keeps all evil entities away.
For made comfort on you as long as in the hot temperature area, or even made you being survive in some area that has unstably thermo conditions.
This spell is to return a prayer that has been prayed against you.

This is Gray Magic
This will allow you to sense whether any dark energy will be entering your near future.
Feel the emotions and desire of anything.
A spell for reinforce/upgrade your trees,into the powerful one.The chosen trees can attack,see things clearly and block any hex(if you have barrier on the trees/the trees learnt how to dispell.Really u
Giant living wall of magic.
This is to be used to reverse a spell cast upon a person, and return the spell upon
the one who cast it. WARNING: Because of the Law of Threes, depending on the
strength of the cast spe
A darker form of a Psy ball, with a bit more of a bang.
Spell to create a Claw of shadow to hurt ghost and other spirits
This spell will cloak you in the shadows.
Create a living shadow.
You can use this to train in magic, fighting, or anything.
A very simple yet very strong spell. It helps you blend into a crowd, but you should know that it is only effective if you try not to bring attention to yourself.
This is a spell for shielding you and your friends against evil harming.
This spell makes you more powerful against enemies and all psychic attacks.
This spell is a shield and armour spell to protect your for halm and negative energy.
This is a revenge spell to make the target shrink
If you are wounded or in pain this simple incantation will give you the strength to continue
Make your parents be quiet (for awhile).
Someone being annoying and loud? Use this spell to shut them up.
A spell to get someone to stop talking to you!
It is not a spell it is a gift and if you have that gift like I do this should teach you to use it.
The Light is a divine being made of pure goodness and white energy, use his sigil to protect, cleanse and heal.
I learned this from an employee at a spiritual shop/cent near my apartment, but I have added a couple steps myself. I find it a quick and easy way to cleans anything from a room to a piece of jewelry a
This can be used to dispel negative or residual energy. This is also used to create a simple, short-lived protection spell (ex. you want spirits to stay out of an area for a short time). May also prote
A spell used to block or erase a memory from someone else's mind. Use with caution.
Ever fear something might happen in the future? This spell will aid in defending you.
Use this to protect you from evil for up to 2 hours.
This will give you strong protection from harm, misfortune, curses and evil spirits
This is a very simple spell for general protection from malevolent forces.
This spell will charm a item to ward off evil.
This spell is to protected yourself from outside influence. Message me for a good protective circle, I'll respond when I can.
A simple revenge spell to harm an enemy.
If you need protection, this potion will help.
A simple spell to strengthen your magick, also helps before you open your third eye.
To psychically slap someone in the face
Use this spell carefully if you cast it too many times the person or yourself will never wake up.
Add this to drink or food and it will allegedly make you or the person taking it drowsy and/or go to sleep.
This is pretty much the same as the lightning spell I made except with fire
Driven by the power of the high being that we're all connected to. Allah,the creator of everything and the creator of the unknown.Practicing this spell allows the fallen soldiers of allah bow to you an
When your parents or any other people treat you badly because of what you study, and you want to be the better person.
This spell will make it rain with a song.
This spell is written to cleanse your soul of negativity affecting you. This spell will not get rid of problems like friends or ex's this spell will directly cleanse your soul of evil. You may cast t
Release your soul from certain bindings like hexes and jinxes.
A spell to banish a demon and bad auras.
This will cause your enemy's spell to backfire on him/her.
If you are in pain or have any discomfort, then use this spell. As long as the pain is not too harsh, this should work.
sick of bing bolyd cus you like something
A spell that works wonders on people who do not obey humility, privacy, and respect.
This spell works for giving an impossible task to any evil spirit wanting to enter your home. They can not come in unless they say an our father for each grain of rice without messing up or they have t
I've tried this spell out for myself because my aunt needed protection desperately. So I will write again when i know it had worked.
this Spell is only for removeing
people but it is my second spell so it mite work
This spell is one I use in many small exersisms and it works wonders!
A spell I have done before, it has given the person severe illness and fianacial issues. It can kill if full spell done.
a personal cloaking charm
A chant that defends you against any negative spirits.
This spell will use the power of 5.Element:Spirit to protect you It works well for me
To open your soul's eye.
Your animal spirit guides are here to help you, and that counts as sharing their medicine with you. This is a blessing for all as it can help you throughout life.
To ward off demons or spirits.
This spell will call spirits to you and protect you while you ride somewhere.
Tell a spirit to stop following someone( does not work on yourself)
A spiritual protection oil.
This is a spell that can be cast anywhere but that I use for doorways. It blocks all magic and magical items except those magics and items that you or the other people you allow through allow.
This is a spell that can be cast anywhere but that I use for doorways. It blocks all magic and magical items except those magics and items that you or the other people you allow through allow.
If someone is trying to hit you or he is very irritating you can try this spell DON'T DO THIS BECAUSE YOUR BORED
To make a protective stone.
Enchant a stone.
Chant this spell to help stop a fire.
It's a classical hoodoo binding spell that is used to silence someone telling lies about you.
If another witch has just done an attack spell, use this.
Stop someone's blood and kill them.
Is your elf on a shelf naughty? This spell takes a picture of them when they move!
Use this spell to get others to leave you alone.
This spell will stop Minecraft griefers from joining your server and making fun of you at school
This spell stops all/one spell you have casted.
A simple chant so that when you are walking snow and ice will stop from getting on you and will prevent you from slipping on snow and ice.
Don't kill your self! This spell is meant to electrify you!
spell can be used only if you are in real trouble if you have an intention of using this spell as a test this shall may never work and it may abadon you
Infusion of coconuts durability with your on durability.
This is a simple spell to stun your enimeis but,Caution...IF USED MORE THAN ONCE ON THE SAME PERSON IT CAN CAUSE A SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH! Don't use this spell for play!
This spell will help you get a familiar spirit in the form of a cat that only you can see. You can choose every detail about this cat and have a deity bring him or her to life and send him or her to yo
This spell SHOULD summon
A dragon to protect you, be your friend, and many more.
This spell makes you get a pet fire wolf that will protect you and be your loyal companion. Email me if if works for you!^^
The intentions of this spell are to cause fear to someone who is bothering you. Your goblin will not hurt this person. The "goblin" is a symbol for fear toward the person. This further causes the enemy
Summon black mary but be careful or she will kill you.
Summons a weapon of your design.
Summon god
This spell will protect you from most things. It wont stop them, just protect you a bit from it
A spell to bring spirits to help you.
This is for protection, its an angel summoning spell and will work.
This spell will summon your angel. Once you summon your angel its your responsibility to take care of it. If you die your angel dies. If your angel dies you die. The angel can do many things but you ha
This spell will summon a gardian angel to help and protect you
It's simple and worth your time. This spell will change your form.
It will give you 2 abilities you choose.
This spell is an attack and defend spell. But only the people with the fire element can use it to defend.
This is a superior snow storm spell. You can defend yourself by this spell if your element is water or ice.
It's a spell that gives you super speed.
Don't know what this is? Check out 'Protection Ring Spell'. This is the opposite spell to that.
A low level spell for telekinesis.
Use this to increase your strength temporarily.
The anifornum causes you to adopt the guise of any beast you choose. Take care to perform it right.
This spell is used to guard a person with strong energy protection field. It will make you weak and in some cases vulnerable, but that person will remain under the protection of your spell.
This spell is used strickly for self defense and saving the world. Or if you need to use it. Its a powerful curse, it gives physical pain and sometimes mental and phiscal pain so be wise!
Lets you ward off evil.
The kings ring is a spell to let you see the wearer of the ring through abyss surface.
Used to counter attack long range and close range psychic phenomena using an incantation.
Protects you from fire spells and works 100% although its your first time.... If it doesn't work let me know please
The word that can dispell any magic, in a dream or in real life.
A protection spell
this will make a invisible shield for 5 sec.
To thicken air upon your enemy or enemies
A physical ward to bury or place near the entrance of a place you want an enemy kept out of, or wear it on your person to keep an enemy away. Won a few awards with this one, it works!
To protect someone you care about
Portable protection charm for school.
This spell will send a spell back to the caster three times as bad.
Keep Tiger’s Eye as a stone of luck and good fortune to attract a steady flow of money to the home. It is ideal for entrepreneurs and those setting out in business for the first time; also for those bu
Crush the enemy using this spell.
Found in our familys Book of Shadows, should work to banish shadow.
This is a chant used to chase away your fear of something.
you cannot ever go back
This spell is to bind someone from doingh harm, such as emotional or physical. Bullying and or beating. This spell is not very advanced, but does need to know how to actually cast a spell. Such as, sen
Can be used for any purpose
This spell will hopefully give you every power but it will not work for everyone you must have a lot of faith.
This wil make you hear more, you can locate someone in your house.
A spell to increase one's powers.
Kill a victim of your choosing.
This is an easy protection spell.
This is a spell that uses flowers and candles to hex severe targets at the same time. It can be a little dangerous is you have not mastered visualization yet, and if you forget to focus on your targets
This spell is to send away unwanted spirits that you are surrounded by.
This can be a bit tricky and doesn't work all the time, but if you have a stronger will power the summoned queen will have a better bond with you.
It will tranform all the magic in your ring on the ring finger you must where it alot though.
This spell can trap or bind an evil spirit.
Traps someone in a mirror for a short amount of time. I haven't tried it yet, so please message me with the results if you try it! (Latin)
When travelling by walking or driving and other forms.
Protect yourself while traveling.
Basically creates a "tree" that grows around you and acts like a shell.
With three being a common number in Witchcraft, this helps strengthen the circle by casting it three times. It is also said to magnify the spells strength.
This is a spell to make someone tell the truth.
Be prepared to defend yourself at all times. You never know when you'll be in a life or death situation.
This spell will create a protective "shield" around an object, protecting it from intrusion or theft. You'd use this with small items, like altar tools, jewelry or books. I wouldn't suggest it for your
This spell will create a protective "shield" around an object, protecting it from intrusion or theft. You'd use this with small items, like altar tools, jewelry or books. I wouldn't suggest it for your
To remove a cure put on you by someone unknown to you.
Use this spell when you feel there is a negative energy around you, or a negative entity. It quickly dispels it away from you.
Work when you know that someone/thing is trying to harm or create strife in your life.
If you have a friend who is possessed by a demon, this spell will help to get the demon out of the body and will vanquish it as well.
Vampire Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (VBRP): to repel psychic vampires from your magical work. Based on proven Golden Dawn hermetic magic.
Spell that is used in some vampiric clans such as mine and is used to poison or harm people very badly.
A powerfull protection spell made by an Draconic Vampire.
Use this spell to get rid of an entity that is bothering you.
This spell will vanish negative energies from your life.
This is a spell that calls upon Hecate to be your protector
The first one is "To shut up gossipy neighbors" and the other one is to "chase away a man/woman who's trying to steal your lover".
Its for to stop them from touching you.
This curse ties your enemy's life essence and soul to a rock
A protection spell that creates an astral wall of fire around you. Especially useful for warding off attacks of the psychic natures, and against parasites.
This is a ward spell that will protect your object of desire from people and negative energy's.
This spell can protect and shield you from any dark influences.
This spell will warn you when negativity is near
Warn everything and everyone to back off.
Will make both non witches and witches leave you alone.
This spell is a simple spell to enchant water to protect you from negative emotions, evil spells, evil witches, and so forth.
A good spell for beginners practicing defensive spells.
This is an easy spell to warn off negative energy. I like to cast it before I go to sleep as I have had a succubus visit me on several occasions. I think this is a good spell for the beginners and the
This is a spell to wars off any evil and to give good fortunes to good people.
It's not black magic because you're not choosing what's gonna happen to them.
It's a prayer to the wicca god and goddess.
*note* this only works if you have angelic or psychic abilities.
Capture the power of wind in a length of rope.
Use half your mana to concentrate the wind to smack your target.
This spells bring misery to the person who makes you miserable.
Witch bottles were used a lot in old times. They were believed to be protecting people from curses of evil witches and bad spirits.
Turn into a wizard (male) or wizardess (female). And you might get immortality.
This potion should make you become a better pack member when you drink 1-3 drops of it. Again, a pack secret dont share this!
Imagine yourself as a wolf. Take your wand and touch it onto your hand. Then chant 3 times... Gods of the forest. Let my true soul come to act. Give me ---- fur and ---- eyes. Mote it be. Bye
a protection amulet
Worries and anxieties that are becoming too big and interfering with daily life benefit from this spell.
Yamantaka is the wrathful form of the wise bodhisattva Manjushri. When Yama, the lord of death threatened the world, Yamantaka appeared to defeat death. Yamantaka can take in the form of Yama Dharmaraj
This is a powerful and great spell to protect yourself, this will bless you and it's white magick it will not bring harm to anyone unless they attack you.
This spell is to get negativity away from you or someone else. (Preferrably you)

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