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Relationship Spells

10 ways to attract love or attract attention from your current lover.
This is similar to a 7 day candle spell in reverse.
A spell if you feel abandoned and lost. Great to help those kids that are ditched by their parents for one reason or another.
Make a relationship more romantic
This is my original spell, do not copy! This spell utilizes darker, more masculine and sexual energies to attract a new love partner, usually male. This is preferably done on a Friday when the Moon Pha
An Advanced Love Spell. Use at your OWN risk.
This is a break up spell and love spell all in one. Use this to break up an ex that you still love and want with her/his current boyfriend/girlfriend then make them yours again.
This spell is a spell I made to strengthen relationships and I have personally used this on my own and it has and is working.
Ask venus (goddess of love) if you love some one.
This spell is a spell that goes against ones free will be warned a lot of practioners including myself do not go against ones free will any hers can be replaced with him.
Find love with this Honey Jar Spell, Reunite with a lost loved one, or if you had a bad break up.
These are from two books by Gillian Kemp. They are divinations you can use to find out information about your true love or soul mate, or a current relationship.
It's a Powerful Spell ,Be Careful while using it dont use it wrong purposes .I am not responsible for anyone who uses it for wrong purposes. The Spell is cast on FRIDAY in the evening in the VENUS H
A spell to make someone write, call and/or reappear in your life
Not entirely sure if this will work or not. For categorizing reasons, I think this would be black magic?? Not entirely sure.
This I got from a book called "The Ultimate Encyclopedia Of Spells By: Michael Johnstone " This is a very very simple spell to see if the person that you like, likes you back. If it doesn't work after
This spell is from a book called : The only wiccan spell book you'll fever need. I'm sharing this cause I know some of you can't afford to buy Books online and also cause some of you done own a credit
Ask one or more of the Greek Gods and Goddesses for blessings or favors.
This spell will draw love to you.
This is a spell to get your crush to ask you out. (This is my first so it may not work)
This Spell Will Have The Person Of Choice Ask The Other Person Out, And Start A Happy, Beautiful, Long Lasting Realtionship.!! (Can Be Used On Yourself To)
This spell will help you get the boy/girl you love to date you before valentine's day just by singing a song.
This spell will cause the victims to treat you like a respected ruler.
This spell will bind you to another person. You will be together on a spiritual level unlike any other. Not even death can break this bond.
This spell works best during a full moon and is to bring a lover back to you.
This spell will create your coven. Each will be bound to another, and another bound to each one.
A spell that begins to take power instantly after the casting is done. The casting is a little complicated but you are still able to do it. There are 9 steps, 1 step that you must do if you do somethin
To attract a lover, but be carefully, use with conscience or you´ll have consequences. This spell is very strong.
Use this spell to attract someone to you.
This spell will help someone else find a new love.
To attract a new person from a unwanted,or/bad relationship. This encompasses: relationships,attractions,or friendships.
Have a crush on someone and you want them to like you? Using this spell, he/she will like you back.
This is a attraction spell.
An attraction spell is a milder form of love spell that doesn't really tamper with someone's emotions in the same way. The spells on this page are more simple, and will help to attract someone into you
Use this spell to get someone to fall in love with you. People who have a crushes mostly cast this spell and they feel that they are their true lovers.
This will attract either a Man or Woman to you whoever you desire.
Get whoever you want in a flash!
A wonderful smelling mix from my own grimoire.
A spell to aid in someone falling in love with you. Because this spell is "forcing" someone to do/feel a certain way, bad luck is often a huge side effect. Making someone fall in love with you usually
This is a charm that will make you radiate romantic energy when you wear it. It's a bit complicated, but not too much so.
this is a old spell used in my family for years you can only cast it ONCE a full moon. It will attract people whom you love
This Powder is used to attract love, but not force someone to love you.
This is a love spell for anyone no matter gender or orientation.
This spell will help you attract good people into your life
This spell will help you to attract the opposite sex.
This spell Wilk make your crush, or anyone you kove that is close to you, will feel atracted to you. This spell works as powerful for the same sex, but if the person is not atracted to the same sex, th
This spell has some kinks but it partly worked for me. It will attract your crush to you.
This will help you attract your crush towards you.
This will help a wish come true.
A Familiar can be a great animal friend, but to ensure pure harmony between yourself and your familiar, binding may be necessary.
Bind your souls together during the act of sex.
To bind a couples love forever.
A good day to work with courage, politics, power, blood healing and revenge.This spell is a reaction to the police shootings of innocent people in the USA and to the unnessessary shooting of the police
This spell will make some one fall for you depending on how much blood and will you add to it.
Love someone? Want then to love you back? Read this spell !
This is a spell to draw you love.
A spell to bond people together ( may work on animals as well)
This is a spell that will help to solidify a relationship you already have, to create a deeper bond between you and a loved one.
Make boys fall in love with girls. Get your prince charming in your heart. Become an item.
Use this spell to force someone to split from their partner.
To make two people fall out of love.
Both recipes come from A Little Book of Love Magic by Patricia Telesco.
Say 3-10x or until progress.
If you think you have been cursed, and that is why you are unlucky in love, use this.
Break up any couple with this spell.
I did not write this spell.
Use this spell to break up any couple.
Use this spell wisely to break up two friends
This is to break up a relationship.
It can be the relationship you're in, or someone else's relationship
If you want your ex back but they're with a new partner, try this simple, but really powerful spell. It breaks up the relationship, banishes the other wo/man, and brings your ex to you if done correctl
Simple break up spell, best done on the full to new moon. Be careful what you wish for though.
Want to see someone split up? This spell will do just that.
if your boyfriend/girlfriend needs a gentle breakup.
All you need is your voice and to say the incantation once. This spell is to break up a couple when an innocent is dating a cheater or somebody who is puppeteering an innocent person.
To recall a love back into your heart.
Another basic love spell for the uninitiated or inexperienced that is designed to bring back a lost love.
This spell will bring back lost love.
This is a charm used to bring your lover home to you.
Attract love to yourself.
This is a spell to bring a person you like to love you.
This spell is easy and will attract you a lover.
This spell is to bring your one true soul mate into your life.
A spell to sweeten love or friendship into your life to slowly and gently bring them into your life. This spell takes some planning and time, but with each passing day gets stronger!
This spell will bring you someone to love.
Use this to bring two people that have broken up back together.
To help bring you and your lover back together.
This spell will call love to you.
A spell to call out to the Gods for love.
The title says it all. This spell will bring forth your lover to you.
This is one of my very special love spell. It's very easy to do. It'll help you in many different ways for love in your life.
This is one of my very special love spell. It's very easy to do. It'll help you in many different ways for love in your life.
Studying the candle flame to predict your fate with a lover.
Attract a new love interest into your life with this easy spell.
Cemetery powerful love spell.
Any one being mean to you? Well this stops them from being such a cow.
Chants that will bring you love.
This spell puts a charm on this fruit so you can break up, love, and get beauty.
This spell was handed down to me by my great-grandma, who visited me in a dream to pass this treasured spell to me. It is a spell to strengthen the bond between you and your significant other. This spe
This spell is designed to dirrect your inner charm to someone. Be careful as you escentially control said person. This is a useful spell to get that girl/guy or get that job offer. Use responsibly or n
This spell will make the one you love like you back.
Possibly attract a hot girl using this prayer for men.
This is a spell that will help to solidify a relationship you already have, to create a deeper bond between you and a loved one.
This is a very simple spell to bring back a husband a lover a friend.
This is a simple love spell.
Bring a lover to you quickly!
This spell can be worked on any day to draw your intention or lover closer to you. Mostly for improving relationships
This spell with cause love to come naturally between you and the one you love, it wont bewitch the man/woman to be in a state of trance and have artificial feelings for you like others. It may take thr
this spell allows you to give a command to an animal (humans included) and have them follow (doesn't always work)
Okay this will only work if you have a person who is willing to do the spell with you but this will strengthen the spiritual bond you have with someone.
Contact an important one for you through visualisation.
Control relations with mind and magic.
this spell uses a cookie to ignite a fire in someone's belly for you.
This spell allows you to have two people fall in love. The chant is based off of the vows in The Corpse Bride.
Its only for girls to use to create a love charm.
I acually got this idea from a friend.
Have you ever wanted the guy of your dreams? This is my first spell will you tell me if it works?
A spell to create love between one that you love or are crushing on.
A spell for creating true real unconditional love.
I have done this spell, and can vouch for it, for it has worked for me. It doesn't work over night so you will have to be extremely patient.
The perfect spell to keep you close to a loved one.
A spell to summon any creature you want, but it cannot have any type of physical reaction unless given permission.
Makes a guy/girl get a crush on you
This spell will help you out with your crush. It will only work for some people.
This spell will create an attraction symbol, a powerful object that will help you attract a lover or soul mate. It isn't hard to create, but you must believe. After creating your own symbol, you may us
Make your soulmate come to you.
So you want to make the couple that you made break up with the cupid demon spell back in love? Here is the un do spell or you can use magic powder.
If you are close to the Greek gods then cupid can temporary make you fall in love with anyone you desire.
Invite your true soul mate into your life.
A hoodoo love pillow for when you're apart from your twin flame. For your twin flame to sense you and for you to feel their presence in their absence.
A love spell for those who prefer dark magick.
In the event of your pet's demise: to help with mourning and to send it on its way.
To strengthen already existing relationship bonds.
This is the spell of knowing and creating love for yourself from your beloved or the one you have loved. Works when you truely deeply love someone.
This ritual is done only on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, and of course the growing moon.
This spell will help your crush fulfill your desires when it comes to love.
This oil is used to entice another to desire you.
Makes you more desirable to the one you love.
If you're in a bad relationship you can't quite get rid of, use this spell to convince them to leave peacefully. Perform during the waning moon.
This spell is to see if the person you like likes you back. There are two wats you can do this. Hopefully this tells you something! Good luck! -MagicSparklz
I got this spell from a grimoire that I found :)
This is an attraction charm you can make to help draw a lover your way!
Dream of your true love that you might have missed.
Dream your crush.
Spell for your lover to only dream of you.
Make someone have dreams of you.
This dream is for you to have a dream about your lover.
This spell will cause you to dream of your love.
Make someone dream about you and tell you about it the next day.
This can only be used for your friends, you have to do the spell though,sorry! ( This can work 4 teens 2, dont recomend it for teens though, side affects!)
Do you want to get over your break up?! Well this is the spell for you!
This spell is for binding someone that you really have a crush on.
A very simple love spell.
This is a very easy love spell.
This is a simple easy love potion with items that can be purchased on the web.
This is a spell to bring your ex back, get a crush to like you, or other things! This is easy kind of, but you have to believe!
This spell will attract one you love, who may not love you back
For enchanting and blessing love
Use the power of the elements to bring love to you.
This spell with cause love to come naturally between you and the one you love, it wont bewitch the man/woman to be in a state of trance and have artificial feelings for you like others. It may take thr
This is a spell that will enchant your lover to have more sexual desire to you....
This spell is a basic energy spell and is not meant to manipulate a certain person to love you but to attract new love to you. When preforming this spell it is ok to think of certain aspects or charact
A spell to ensure your husband/boyfriend cannot physically cheat on you.
A simple spell to bring back lost or broken love
If you believe in magick truly, and wish for this spell to come true, it shall work to great effect. If you simply play around, you may find yourself unharmed OR in dire need. When a love spell rever
Use this spell to strengthen your friendship.
Bring about a love everlasting with this spell.
A soft, warm spell for exotic love. This spell can be performed at any time, day or night, but mornings seem to work out best.
This spell will make a girl fall for you.
This spell can be cast on you or the person you've fallen in love with.
This spell will allow whoever you have feelings for fall in love with you.
To cement and/or formalize the psychic bonds between you and your familiar.
Having turmoil between family members? Immediate or extended family members not getting along? This spell is for peace and unity within that family circle.
Makes girls come to admire you and do what you want them to.
This is to find a lover: not husband or a boyfriend or your soul mate.
Draw a new love to you!
Bring love to you.
I dont like messing with love, but please be careful with this spell it is very powerful and will aid you to find new love.
This ritual and love spell will draw intense and shining love energy around you and, at last, you will meet the person you are meant to be with.
Use this spell to help find your soul mate.
This spell you will have to be wondering who your true crush is.
This oil is great for spicing up your love life in the bed room.
This will get someone to love you.
This spell is simple and easy to remember. This spell attracts love that matches the personalities that you write down.
This spell will hopefully forget someone who you have loved in the past. You may not forget they ever existed, but you shouldn't have feelings for them anymore.
This spell is to make you forget your love for your ex.
This will make you friends again. You must have a copy of the black spell book with you if you wan to do this right. It's on page 56.
See someone who looks lonely?? Help them attract friends with this spell! An easy spell that doesn’t require any candles or special ingredients.
Lets you find new friend via knot magic.
Spell to bring someone into your life or to bring someone into someone else's life.The full moon is used to give the spell that big push that it needs.
Inscense combination to promote: protection, cleansing, tranquility and a boost in relationships.
Gaining trust from someone else with an easy ritual.
A simple spell that will hopefully make known to you whether or not the person you like is gay.
Helps you get that special someone before midnight.
A spell that will help get back your ex only if you both still have feelings for each other.
Get back your lost lover with this spell.
It is to make someone who is mad at you stop. The person has to be someone that you care abou and love. And you want to make your relationship better. Otherwise the spell won't work.
It isnt fourcing them to love you or anything, it just sends viberations to get them to give you a chance.
It may take some time to work but this spell will cause someone to love you.
Easy love spell!
This is to help reconcile you and your ex. This spell only sparks the feelings of your former partner and he takes more if an interest in you. Not the bad lust kind of way. More like he or she realized
We all know that when your girlfriend thinks she's right, she's right. So here is a spell to get her to agree with you.
To get the boy if your dreams, to attract them to you
This is another "honour the Dead" thing. This works well with Necromancers.
Gives a person compassion and kindness
Call upon Harmonia for a love spell.
A spell that gives that little push to bring you and your crush together!
This is a friendship spell that make you and your friend's relationship last longer.
To give a boost of luck in a relationship.
basically will be able to help you with love life problems. imade this spell and it should work. it usually takes about 2 days to a week to work
breaking up a couple causing them to go there separate ways
This is a spell for witches to do for someone else.
Make your crush fall in love with you.
An oil to make yourself irresistible
This spell was originated in the Philippines used to gain love or attract a person.
Having a little trouble with your spouse? Hoping for a happier marriage? Wanting a magickal way to bless this officially united romance? If you want a happy marriage, just use this spell.
To bind a lover to you
A couple of formulas for some love oils.
The spell is used to send a message to your ex so they come back to you
How your bond between you and your cat can strengthen your magic, and how your magic can strengthen your bond with your cat
You have trouble trying to make a specific friend? Or "it made you" in big trouble and misery to try making friendship with the specific friend?
I wrote this spell to help mend the pain of a broken heart.
A simple spell used to heal a broken heart.
Use this spell to heal a broken or damaged friendship or relationship.
this is to help you heal a broken or damaged relationship. This may not work the first time, it may need to be performed more than once. Hope it works for you
This spell helps you get over your ex.
This spell helps you get over your ex partner and help you move on.
This spell will make any human or werewolf or vampire or merman love you.
Make the man of your dreams love you.
A spell to help find a soulmate.
I used this spell for my aunt, it works to attract love to you.
A sweet love potion to have the one you love adore you. The honey and sugar are used to add sweetness to the potion and drown out the other herb tastes.
This is a friendship spell that turns into a love spell over time.
This spell is permanent. If done wrong, the results could be kind of bad. But when done right, you will be more physically attractive to the person you use this spell on.
Your spirit animal is the form you take in the spirit world. It represents and is decided by your personality and personality traits, and can be contacted. Contacting and growing closer to your animal
Only for a VERY bad friendship/relationship, or else bad things can come your way. Also don't use it too often or else the spell will make things worse.
Use this spell to help you make friends.
Come to me Love-Spell for those who Love somebody specific. He won't be able to contain himself!
Transform ur relationship.
In the world of Magick the apple symbolizes love, seduction and fertility. This spell will attract love to you.
Imprinting your lover to make your mark on him/her that they are yours and belong to you like marking your territory.
Has he been cheating? Will he stop? Only works on men. (By Lexa Rosean in The Supermarket Sorceress)
Find out if she'll be faithful. Only works on women. (Lexa Rosean, The Supermarket Sorceress)
Worked for me, hope it will work for you as well. This spell will bring you love.
I'm the same person as Starrdusty, so don't say I copied this.Love is usually the most popular spells, even if Im not that interested. This will make whoever you love to feel the same way about you. Us
A instant love brew for your crush.
Invoking the spirit Pomba Gira is potentially dangerous and should not be attempted by anyone not well versed in magick. This is more of a prayer than a spell and will make the target of your desires o
Crystals can be used in ritual; here is an example using rose quartz.
This spell will keep your crush/lover/ex lover or whatever you want to be in his/her thoughts/ memories of you.
This is a spell to make someone fall in love with you.
Use this jar to sweeten someone to you or to an idea you have. This spell is slow to take effect so patience is necessary.
A jar spell that can be used to attract love to you. This is not a targeted love spell! This spell is merely to draw willing feelings of love toward you, and is not intended to be made for a specific p
If you want your potential lover to be stuck on you, this is the best of the black magic love spells. The photos you use shouldn't have anyone else in them except for you and him/her
A love spell from my spellbooks. But do be warned, love spells just don't work sometimes. Love is very powerful, and sometimes the heart wants what it wants. Luckily most of the times this one has been
An easy to do love spell.
This is a spell to keep someone away from your significant other. Use with care.
Works to draw new love to you within a month.
This is a very easy love spell that will take you very little time to perform though it will be 2 weeks before the charm is finished. You will need the following items:
A simple spell to get the kiss of who you love intertwined with a love me spell
You'll Be Doing This With Your Partner To keep Your Relationship Strong, For As long As You Desire.....(Make Sure You Got Your Partner's Permission First)
This is a good spell for finding someone to love you.
Will aid you in getting the one you love by mere suggestion.
This spell is to let love come into your life.
This will give you results within a month.
This is a spell to attract a specific lover and make them become interested in you/ask you out on a date. They’ll become infatuated with you.
When two close friends are dating, but not officially, sometimes a relationship needs a little stability. This spell gives just that.
This article is about Lilith and her demonic children.
This will bring a lost love back by showing you dreams of your future, unblocking obstacles, and communicating your desire to them. Note: Spell may be done more than once for increased potency.
If you had love but lost it through circumstances, personal difficulties or outside interference, you can use this spell to try and reunite with your lost love.
Its a love spell to bring you stronger love in your life.
Bring love to yourself.
This will start a relationship! Enjoy!
This spell well make someone near you fall in love with you
A simple love spell.
To get a girlfriend/boyfriend.
A spell to find love.
Attracts your soul mate.
To prove to someone that you love them
My friend used it and it works to give you the love you want.
This spell may work to force someone's affection.
Just one of my love spells.
Use this spell to fall in love.
A love spell.
A spell to get your crush to love you instantly.
A simple but effective love spell.
This spell will make your love ones love you.
Get someone to love you back.
Want to push that special someone a little closer to you? Trying to get that crush lined up for a long term relationship? This spell will help you get a foot in the door without creating a stalker (or
This will help make the one you love or like love or like you back. But be warned they will not actually love you they will be under a spell.
It should work just believe and love will come to you.
Helps boys fall in love with you.
A way to attract that special someone.
To make two people fall in love. It Works.
This spell is not guaranteed to work. It will only work for those who are indeed in love with someone. It will allow you to have the person of your dreams who you truly love.
Make someone love you back.
This is a love spell. I put it up for people who are lovesick and go against free will.
This spell makes it so that your crush will be more attracted to you.
Makes a crush fall in love.
Make someone Love you in a few hours, days, weeks.
This spell is designed to attract love to you.
This is a love spell.
A simple love spell.
This spell can't create real love, only make the two people believe they are in love until you say the reverse spell.
Brake or make relationships.
Spell to turn lovers to you and notice you and bring love your way.
This jar will attract love to you!
To Find A New Love Or To Streghten Your Relationship...
This is a 2 part ritual to help you remove negative blocks and attract love into your life.
This spell will help you find or get love back. It will go deep into our soul and find your true desire.
Make someone fall in love with you.
This spell binds you and your lover together if you have since drifted apart.
Binds you and your partner together.
Make a person fall in love with you!
This spell is for the one you desire to become bound to your heart and soul. Please be mindful that this spell is powerful, and will require a lot of power to undo.
A simple love spell It may or may not work If you believe, then anything can happen
A brew that can make the one you love love you or love you more with only 1-2 drops.
Brings love to you.
This is a spell to attract your crush to you.
A short but powerful spell.
Chant this and visualize the person you want.
Loves spells do back fire, I do not do love spells cause I believe it isn't right. But I hope it works for you.
Use this charm bag to attract positive love to you.
If you want to 'refresh', enhance, grow the warmth and love in a relationship you're presently in, there's a ritual, which resembles the rituals of various traditions.
It takes 24 hours - 2 days to see results of this love spell.
This spell really does work. I have used it and actually worked.
This spell is easy and a powerful one to bring love into your life.
This spell will help you find love.
This spell will help you have romance in your life, the spirits in the sea will help you, heal you, and give you confidence.
A spell to help you find your love, the spell is bound to the cycle of the moon and lasts until the next on.
A ritual to aid the coming of the person you would click well with. This will not force someone to love you, but aid in getting a lover with all the qualities you desire when the time is right for you,
This inspired by a spell I read in a book titled "Confessions Of A Teenage Witch" by Gwinevere Rain. I do not take credit for the parts she came up with.
To encourage a new love.
This is my first spell here to bring you love.
This spell can help you find love.
There's a good chance you will get the desired effect.
A witch jar to send your love and protection to a lover. NOTE! Do not use for someone who isn't in love with you!!
A spell to make your love fill the desire you do for you.
Use this perfume when near your crush and it will attract him to you!
A potion to make your crush like you.
Create a love potion just for a special someone.
You don't need your lover or anyone else,this is a potion but is edible, and this spell works so fast it will shock you!
A potion that will cause someone to fall in love with you.
This is for the person to drink himself/ herself and not for somebody else.
This will only work if you are single. This will not increase your relationship!
Use this spell to attract love to yourself.
Attract a lover.
A love spell to entice someone to you.
This will make your "crush" or the person you love fall in love with you.
Used to enhance a relationship.
Do you want the one you love to be yours forever then try my spell it really works.
Makes your love lasted longer or start to blossom.
Get your crush to love you
It may take some time.
A common love spell.
This spell shall help your loved one know that they love you back, basically faltering out any problemd between you two.
To make a person love you.
This is a love spell. Better if the person your putting the spell on is in your site.
Simple to make a more romantic relationship.
This is a white magic love spell for any single person who wants to meet the love of their life and overcome loneliness. This spell should preferably be carried out in the week after the new moon.
This is a spell to get the one you love to love you back. Please let me know if it has worked for you!
This is a love spell someone requested. Believe and you will Achieve
To obtain the love of a specific person.
For those who want love back. It really works. I tried it and my girl came back to me the very next day.
Just a simple love spell I found searching the internet. Shouldn't be too hard to try.
This is a white magick love spell for any single person who wants to meet the love of their life and overcome loneliness. This spell should preferably be carried out in the week after the new moon.
I prefer to use candle magick for real love spells.
I havent tried the spell but I hope it will work, I really believe it will.
Attract a love/friend/relationship using this spell.
This is an inexpensive multi step spell for attracting love. It is not for a specific person, but to make the caster have better luck finding a partner.
This is an amazing spell that makes love happen between two people.
Bad Sex? want better? Follow these instructions below. (For guys only)
The unrequited love of a parting.
Makes you loved by someone.
this is a spell were you can charge your crystal with luck!

Want to improve your relationship with a lover?

This spell was made to do just that. This love spell is used to improve the relationship between two partners.

Attract a new love interest into your life or make an existing relationship stronger.
This spell does not target a specific person, but draws a mate or lover. From A Little Book of Love Magic by Patricia Telesco.
This spell is too have another lust over you. To desire you. Or have them just wanting you.
Attract madly the desired being.
Summons a maid to do as you command. Note: She will fall in love with you and be INSANELY jealous. Do not cast if you are in a relationship. She will, however, do her best to only inflict minor injurie
This spell lets two people fall in love. But beware: Love spells are like caging spells.
How to make your crush fall in love with you in 3 steps!
If your shy and are to shy to make friends, this spell will give you confidence! :D
This spell will make him or her talk about you guys.
This spell is to make anybody break up with each other (may not break up if the love is really strong)
This spell will make your crush or the person you like to look at you.
This spell is to make a specific person love you.
This is a very powerful spell when done right. This spell will make your crush fall for you.
Makes a girl love you and only you.
This is a potent attraction spell.
This will make your crush love you if it doesn't work please tell me.
A spell to make that someone like you.
This spell makes your lover's mom accept your love for her son.
This spell will make someone love you.
This spell will work to make someone you love return your affections.
If you have a crush who's not noticing you or your lover isn't giving you the love you deserve then this is the spell for you.
Use a spell to make someone fall in love with you.
Preparation for the love spell to make anyone fall deeply in love with you. For the spell to be even more effective draw a bath or take a shower. Sprinkle 1 tea spoon of basil onto your head and rinse
Make someone love you!
This spell is to make someone that is being rude to you stop.
Want him/her to be your friend? Then just get started with this spell.
A spell to either make your crush like you, or to break up with him.
Make your crush fall in love with you.
If you have a crush why waste your time in stalking him, when there is a spell to make him love you.
A spell to force your crush to have feelings for you.
This is a spell that will stop an argument or fight between you and a lover.
Marriage oil is used to reinforce a marriage relationship.
Makes the wearer of the collar obey your commands, if it falls within their morals.
This spell allows you to make your crush fall in love with you. Works very well! As this spell is done his heart will melt for you with passion and love.
I used to see in movies how old western
gentlemen settled with their love rivals: Two gentlemen in exquisite attires would hold a
gun dual in front of a lady. Both of them would
Make an unwanted person leave you alone.
this spell will make a person think about you , if you do want to penatrate the thauts of some 1
Powerful, but utterly immoral love spell.
To call a missing pet home.
This spell will help a man find a man.
Lets you feel the pain or emotion of another person
Never underestimate the power of the moon when it comes to any kind of magic, especially white magic love spells.
Never underestimate the power of the moon when it comes to any kind of magick, especially white magic love spells. You'll only need 3 things for this
a somewhat complex spell to make someone close to you, or someone you know attracted/drawn to you. i did this spell on my best friend and it worked. it is essentially a common wishing spell, but more c
A spell for turning friendship into love.
Simple yet Powerful spell to bring a lover back.
Love potion: Best with a partner. This spell works I did it on my two best friends. :)
This is a love spell.
This is a love spell I made. Try it. It works.
A spell to get the person you love to love you back.
This spell should help you with a girl.
A love spell.
This is not a spell to attract a specific person, it is intended to attract a person who will be compatible.
INFO: I wrote this spell myself. I've used it twice; it worked once and backfired once.

SPELL DISCRIPTION: This spell is meant to get someone you know to notice you/speak to you etc.
A spell to bring someone to you.
This is a love spell to make it so the person you want most will only think of you. And fall madly in love.
Pagan love spells are just as effective as Wiccan love spells and they generally aren't that much different. Whether you are Wiccan or more simply Pagan, these can help you in your search for love. Thi
Pagan Wedding Chant
This is a simple spell to help assist in the healing of another's heartache; it can also be performed on the self, if desired.
An effective spell i have learned from another witch. You must cast it on the hour of venus.
I'm the same person as Starrdusty, so don't say I copied this.When you need your relationship ignited, perform this spell to bring that heart-fluttering feeling back.
A spell to attract passionate, sensual, exciting love.
This is a very simple spell, but only in moderation. Too many of these ingredients could prove harmfull to the victim.
This is a spell based on the goddess persephone, for beauty and longevity.
Love spell on a photo.
A spell that allows you and someone else to connect your physical or spiritual bodies.
For binding love between two people by enchanting a love potion.
I made it in order to bring you love.
Strong binding spell using poppets
This will make the person have potato skin until you or the other person cures it.
Spell has been in family Grimorie for years adn has worked like a " charm " ;)
This is a powerful everlasting love spell. Bring your lost lover, or if you are trying too find new love bring them directly into your life.
A ritual that will draw love to you.
For INTENSE commitment. Very serious, can easily backfire.
This love spell is on the cemetery. I recommend that only experienced practitioners of black magic!
This is a very powerful spell designed to arouse feelings for you loved one.
This spell will help conceivie a baby. You have to have sex for this spell to work.
This spell might work it takes 2-4 weeks to work but it depends on the person that is doing to spell so please no bad or mean comments.
protecting your true love
Makes whomever you wish grow an attraction to you. However, it is up to you to do the rest of the convincing.
This spell is meant to heal a troubled relationship. We all know that relationships are prone to ups and downs. Occasionally, mystical help can be useful in restoring the strong love on which a relatio
This spell will help you improve or renew the difficult relationship you are in.
This spell is meant for someone that has feelings for you and you want them to be stronger and more focused. A Vampiress13 spell
This spell ends a relationship.
If you're lucky enough to have found the right person, you might not need all of these spells to attract a lover or keep him/her faithful. Even a great relationship hits some "bumps" once in awhile.
Releases tension between to people or more. Does not stop fighting altogether, but helps ease the tension.
This spell is for when you're having issues in your relationship. Let's say you've broken up because of certain problem you either know or don't know about. Or if you're about to. Well here is simple s
This is a spell that will renew love and passion within your relationship.
Did it end badly? If you're ready to forgive and want them back in your life, here's a little white magic.
This is to bring a past love back to you
A candle spell to try and fix the bonds of love
This will bring two married lovers on the brink of divorce back to the days when they were newlyweds and nothing mattered but their feelings.
This spell will allow you to reunite with an ex that you want to get back together with.
Here is the spell btw this spell is not mine. When you are done doing the spell you should hear the new of your returning loved one coming back. Any questions or want to tell me something message me.
A spell to break up a couple.
This spell is to make a couple break up for revenge on one or both of them.
This spell is to make someone love you agian
It will reverse the last spell you cast.
This spell is for a Male friend so I apologize if that's not what you seek.
This ritual will strengthen the eternal bond between you and your lover, but both must be willing and believe in the power of the ritual. Your lover does not need to be physically present for the ritua
Used to attract love.
To woo a loved one.
Keep your friendships knotted forever!
A spell for finding love. This one worked quickly for me .(about 2 weeks) Give it a try! Make sure the moon is either full or waxing.
Do you really wish someone would stop dating a specific individual ? Well you should give this spell a try.
A love spell that requires German or Norse Runes.
This spell will rotect you or the Sell's victim from harm of the Three-Fold Law.
This only works if the subject of desire is even remotely interested in you.
A spell to see who might be crushing on you.
This spell shows you your future husband.
A simple love spell using knots.
Sometimes we give a little too much of ourselves to people who don't deserve it. This spell can help you reclaim what was lost and move on with your life. I hope it helps!
Make 2 people that you ship love each other.
This spell will show you who is your soulmate.
Try this spell if you have had an argument with your lover and things seem to be at an end. This spell is best done at midnight.
One particularly powerful way to cast a love spell, is to bless an item as a charm and wear it near you after the spell is cast. For this spell, you will create a charm out of a ring, though it will ta
One particularly powerful way to cast a love spell, is to bless an item as a charm and wear it near you after the spell is cast. For this spell, you will create a charm out of a ring, though it will ta
Draw love to you!
This a simple love spell for those that do not know how their crush feels for them. I
This potion you slip in a drink of the person you want to fall in love with you
This spell worked wonders with me so I hope it will with you too.
This spell will not compel the target to be obsessed with you, it simply makes them notice you.
A simple love spell but must be followed exactly
Simple spell love spell. It should be casted to someone who is already have an infatuation with you.
Sirens are known for luring in men making them fall in love. Use this charm to achieve the same.
An enchanting spell to lure in the guy you want. It's a come to me spell.
To inflame a heart with passion (and dominate them too!)
This spell brings two people together as soulmates. It does not need to include the caster. Special instructions for specialized relationships.
This is a spell to find your soulmate or draw a certain person to you.
Think about your soul mate.
A short little spell I learned that I figured I'd give out to you all involving tarot cards!
To carry out the ritual should be on a Friday night in the Moon (or the first Friday after the new moon).
It's best done during a waxing moon,but if you've got an social ecounter that you'd like to put some magical energy into,by all means don't hold off just because the moon is warning (the spell i got f
This is the spell that can give you your worldly pleasures and bring love to you. Use this ritual to create love that should exist, but does not. This is a helping hand in nature that creates what th
This spell only works if you are in a love triangle. This spell will sort out the problem in your favor.
Perhaps the most powerful spell that can get you to make your husband loyal to you is in all its terms only a love spell. Love spells can be tricky and should always be carried out with the most care a
If you and a friend have had a bad fight, use this spell to ease tensions and help you set things right.
This is for those wanting to contact a spirit of a loved one, who's presence is still there.
If you're in a love-less, non passionate marriage, stale, and your both unhappy and to the point of no salvage, you cant find the strength to leave yourself, cast this spell to make your spouse find an
Are you considered a star-crossed lover? Are you hated by your lover's family and vise versa? It is a spell to desist any indecency given towards you or your lover by a hateful family member.
Watch the weather for a clear night. You'll need to be able to see the stars in order to perform this white magic love spell. Besides the night sky.
Watch the weather for a clear night. You'll need to be able to see the stars in order to perform this white magic love spell. Besides the night sky, you'll need these supplies:
Spell to unbind ones self to another (Person) or a certain fate or destiny
This spell is to make your crush or the one you love to have deep feelings for you.
If you desire someone, but they don’t desire you back (or are otherwise unavailable), use this spell to ignite the spark.
This spell is to stop an argument with you loved one!
This spell will stop someone from loving someone else.
This spell is to get someone to stop crushing on you
A simple and yummy potion for bringing friends to you.
A spell from my own personal collection. This spell is to strengthen the love you have with someone before a life-changing event (such as a wedding/handfasting). It is best performed on a new moon.
You have to put your hands together like the spiderman with your pinkie and pointer finger out and go on your knees and ask father Satan kindly for a succubus tell him what your likes are and if you do
Re done last one had misspelled words but same thing
Some consider sweetener spells slightly invasive as they can have effect on the will of others.This spell can be used to soften someone on an argument, help with an interview, used on yourself for calm
This will sweeten the persons attitude towards you.
To ruin a happy relationship ;)
Attract positive energy so he/she has a good day!
This simple spell requires nothing by a single apple and your own energies and desires to draw love into your life.
Lets you gain the confidence to ask someone out on a date.
Use to break up lovers. If two girls have the same boyfriend you can use it to break them up or any two couples.
This spell is best cast when the Moon is new. And, as the object of the magic-making is to bring new love into your life, if you use nothing but new materials the spell will be all the more effective a
Remembr when casting this spell that it is not directed at another person but at you, making you the centre of their romantic interest. The spell should be cast on a Friday, the day linked to Venus, at
Fix broken hearts with this spell.
If you are attracted to someone but he or she seems indifferent to your charms,try this simple spell to turn their head.
Use this spell to see people from past.
best way to bring your loved ones!
This will not make you a mermaid but will however make Men notice you.
This is a spell to attract the one you desire, though you must at least talk to them and know their full name.
Make someone you love/like think about you.
Make him/her think of you, as you had thought of them and watch their love for you shall grow!
This is a spell that will let your crush think of you and take a hint.
This is a spell I created when in a long distance relationship. Use this to put your name/image on someone else's mind.
Cast this spell when you have been let down in love and you think your heart will never mend. It will. The spell should be cast on the day sacred to Venus-Friday- and either in the morning or the eveni
A spell that will allow others to be together for a long time.
Used for finding a partner of the opposite gender. This I did not make. This spell i got from a book called "Book Of Love Spells" unknown author
This is a very simple spell that should be used with caution. It is used to bind another person romantically to you.
Must use a lot of emotion and visualization.
This spell is used to break a couple up.
I did not write this spell.
This spell is to attract a new lover (not a specific person) into your life regardless of sexual orientation, age, etc. It's basically for everyone.
To cause love for you in the heart of a unfaithful love.
Help you find the one that is right for you.
Its basicly a love them not spell...
Like the title says: use this spell to get a lover back. Spell takes time to work, should be cast Friday in the waxing phase of the moon.
A Romany spell
A binding love spell.
This spell will attract your crush to you.
This is a spell to heal a relationship between you and someone or two other people.
To liberate someone from your life. This spell allows the witch to gently push someone out of his or her life without being mean or cruel about it.
To liberate someone from your life. This spell allows the witch to gently push someone out of his or her life without being mean or cruel about it. ~Written by: TaRoCcHi_11
This is a spell to make a certain person you like to love you back.
A spell a friend showed me to make a specific person think of you non-stop. Use at your own risk - you may be doing harm by inhibiting someone's free will!
This is to make your heart not love someone so much.
Can be used for yourself and another, or for two entirely different people.
This spell is to summon a lover. It can be used on any night, but when casting you must be overwhelmed with a feeling of love and lust.
A spell to win you love and affection from a person.
This spell can be used for love or for anything else you may want. But be careful what you wish for.
A spell for peace and harmony also trust in a relationship.
It will make your crush love you if he feels the same way.
Use this incantation to find love.
Have you ever wondered what you're true love will look like?! Well with this spell you cancer him face to face!
Maybe something's fishy with you suspect your lover isn't telling you the truth. This spell is to see what is really going on. But be sure you really want to know before you proceed.
For helping friends through issues that they don't want to tell you about. It will bring you knowledge that will help.
How to find out if someone is your one twin flame
A love spell.
A spell to maintain unconditional love.
Make your unfaithful friends have a difficulty in their relationships.
This is a love spell that will unite or reunite 2 people as lovers.
This spell helps you to fall out of love with your once and for all. All you will feel for them is the love that friends have for each other.
An incantation to the beautiful moving mother Venus. For a twin flame, works for all genders/ sexual orientations
Begin the spell on Friday, the day traditionally associated with Venus. Repeat the ritual for seven consecutive nights.

Verus Diligo – A Spell for True Love

Warning: This spell should only be used as intended and not to “compel or control” anyone to love you. If you require a spell to control someone, look

This spell is very powerful, use at your own risk, this will make your lover fall in love with you.
A very simple spell to bring a lover to you. This should be preformed on a winter day or night. If you incorperate moon phases in spells do this when the moon is full.
I GOT THIS IDEA FROM XSuperWolfX DONT SAY I COPPIED!!!! But I was intrested in her spell but there was NO WAY I was eating a Hand full of salt, so I made this. But instead of him/her just asking you ou
To bless a person or somone you love.
This spell will help you reconnect with your Ex.
This spell is excerpted from "The good spell book; Love charms magical cures and other practical sorcery" By Little Brown
this spell is meant to work over a period of time
This spell will bring you new love.
Use this spell to wish for love.
This spell requires you to be in a great mood, you write a letter to universe or any god/goddess you follow.
Turn someone's heart towards you while you completely immerse yourself in this black magic love spell
Excerpted from "The good spell book; Love charms,magical cure and other practical sorcery" By Little Brown
Excerpted from "The good spell book; Love charms,magical cure and other practical sorcery" By Little Brown

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