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Phone Spells

If you need someone to for anything like a lover or a friend or the help you need - use this spell.
Turn someone or yourself into a bird.
This will get you a girl or boyfriend.
If your charger doesn't work this spell is right for you
Using a hidden magic secret of electricity from the spellbooks of 18th century black magic - an old spell for modern use.
This spell allows you to communicate with someone else telepathically. This is not like movies or TV shows where you could use telepathically instead of a cell phone, but this spell can help you if you
By Lexa Rosean, but updated for a cell phone by me. Works in 10 minutes to 3 days. About a day for me. Can be used on anyone for any reason.
This spell will get someone to call you only if they want to though.
This spell will make the person of your choice call you.
Very simple someone will either call you in 5 mins, 5 hours, or 5 days...
So this is a spell that's meant to be used with phones or anything that can call someone's mobile phone or home phone.
Get your crush to call you! He/she will call you in 1 min - 1 week.
Write a letter to Lucifer or any other demon
This is one of my all time favourite spells, easy to cast and all the herbs I have listed are herbs you might have in your spice rack at home or if not they can easily be found in your local supermarke
Who's on the phone? A Spirit!
This is a spell for making someone get a message in their head, They wont know who its from.
Spell to send someone a mind message the stronger you are the further the person can be away from you

Use the blue pen to write the name of the person you wish to persuade on the paper, then draw a pentagram next to the name.

Turn the paper over and wr
Our Father Who art in Hell Cursed be thy name Thy kingdom upon earth has come Thy will be done in hell as it is on earth Grant us your power and might And lead us into temptation Deliver us unto
Talk and see ohter people across the world.
A simple and quick spell to send a message to anyone near or far. It must be done at night.
With this you will be able to send telepathic messages both long distance and short distance.

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